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Quebec Drive-in Theaters

Drive-in theaters, or Cine-Parcs as they are more commonly known in Quebec, have been around since the late 1960's. As you would expect, the drive-in theaters of Quebec are located in the southern portion of the province. Most of them show movies in French with some that alternate between French and English movies. There are currently only 4 remaining cine-parcs in Quebec. Check below for a list of all remaining Quebec drive-in theaters.

Open Drive-in

Ciné-Parc Paradiso
670 Rte de Petit Pabos
Grande-Rivière-Ouest, Quebec QC G0C

The Ciné-Parc Paradiso is a single screen drive-in movie theater (or Cine-Parc in French) located in Grande-Rivière-Ouest, Quebec, Canada. The ...more about Ciné-Parc Paradiso
Cine-Parc Mont St-Hilaire
800 Chemin du Cine Parc
Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec J3G 4S6

The Ciné-Parc St-Hilaire is a twin screen drive-in movie theater (cine-parc in French) that is located in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada. It h...more about Cine-Parc Mont St-Hilaire
Ciné-parc Saint-Ambroise
500 Route 172
Saint-Ambroise, Quebec G7P 2N6

The Ciné-parc Saint-Ambroise is a single screen drive-in movie theater, or Ciné-parc in French, located in Saint-Ambroise, Quebec, Canada. Born...more about Ciné-parc Saint-Ambroise
Cine-Parc St-Eustache
455 Avenue Mathers
Saint-Eustache, Quebec J7P 4C1

The Cine-Parc St-Eustache is a large and modern five screen drive-in movie theater located in Saint-Eustache, Quebec, Canada. It opened in 1971 as a ...more about Cine-Parc St-Eustache
Cine-Parc Orford
2751 Rue Romo-Lacroix
Sherbrooke, Quebec J1N 0H1

The Cine-Parc Orfrod is a three screen drive-in movie theater located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. Originally a twin screen, a third screen was add...more about Cine-Parc Orford
Cine-Parc Belle Neige
6820 route 117
Val-Morin, Quebec J0T 2Ro

The Cine-Parc Belle Neige is a new twin screen drive-in movie theater that opened in May of 2019. The Cine-Parc Belle Neige is located at the Belle Ne...more about Cine-Parc Belle Neige

Permanantly Closed Drive-ins

Cine-parc Boucherville
1700 Rue Eiffel
Boucherville, Quebec J4B 7W1

The Cine-Parc Bousherville was one of Canada's largest drive-ins with a 2000 car capacity. The drive-in was taken over by Cineplex which is Canada's ...more about Cine-parc Boucherville
Cine-Parc Templeton Drive-In
1779 Boulevard Maloney E
Gatineau, Quebec J8R 3Z1

The Cine-Parc Templeton Drive-in was opened in 1991. It operated continously until 2019 when the drive-in's owners retired and decided to close the d...more about Cine-Parc Templeton Drive-In
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