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FAQs about Drive-ins

Can I take my dog to the drive-in?

Can I bring food and drinks to the drive-in?

What is a food permit and why is it needed?

Is alcohol allowed at drive-ins?

Can I sit outside at the drive-in?

How do I hear the movie at the drive-in?

Is going to the drive-in cheaper than an indoor theater?

When should I get to the drive-in?

Are there any special rules for parking?

If I go to a drive-in with multiple screens, can I switch screens between movies.

Do drive-ins accept credit cards and debit cards?

Can I smoke at the drive-in since it is outside?

Can I grill out at the drive-in?

Do I have to stay to watch both movies of a double feature?

Do drive-ins close if there is going to be rain or bad weather?

What if my car battery dies while I am at the drive-in?

How do I turn off the daytime running lights on my vehicle which stay on when I have it in accessory mode?

I want to leave the hatchback of my SUV open during the movie. How do I turn the interior dome light off?

What months are drive-ins open?

How many Drive-ins are left in the United States.

What state has the most drive-in theaters?

Can I use my car radio for a drive-in movie?

What is the biggest drive-in movie theater?

Do you run your car during drive-in movie?

Is a drive-in movie a good date?

FAQs about this Website

Where do you get the data for your drive-in theater directory?

How long has DriveInMovie.com been around?

Why did you start and continue to maintain DriveInMovie.com?

If I see incorrect information on a drive-in theater or know of a drive-in that is not listed on your website, how can I let you know?

Why do you show information about closed drive-ins?

Related to above, why do you only show closed drive-ins that have closed within the last 20 years instead of showing all drive-ins that have ever operated?