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Cine-parc Boucherville

1700 Rue Eiffel
Boucherville, Quebec J4B 7W1

Phone : 450-655-0692
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Status: CLOSED
Car Capacity:2000
Open Year Round:No, Spring thru Fall
Outside Food:???
Admission Price:$10.25 Adults, $3.50 Kid
Pets Allowed:???
Cash Only:No, CC accepted
Sound:FM Radio
Food Permit:???

About Cine-parc Boucherville

The Cine-Parc Bousherville was one of Canada's largest drive-ins with a 2000 car capacity. The drive-in was taken over by Cineplex which is Canada's largest theater company. It was known as the Cine-Parc Cineplex Odeon Boucherville. It was the last drive-in movie theater remaining in Cineplex's vast array of movie theaters. But in the fall of 2019, Cineplex had the two screens at the drive-in torn down and then they announced in 2020 that the screens would not be rebuilt and that the drive-in was closing for good.
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