Drive-ins of New Hampshire

  • Hinsdale (Cheshire County) New Hampshire
    Northfield Drive-in:  603-239-4054
    located at 981 Northfield Road (Route 63 North)
    on the Massachusetts / New Hampshire state line

    In May of 2K, a phone company message indicated that
    the phone for the old Northfield had been disconnected,
    generating a wave of disappointment through the surf ..
    grief over the 'loss' of not only the oldest continuously
    operated outdoor cinema in New Hampshire, but also:
    oldest continuously operated ozoner in Massachusetts -
    since the Northfield is the only Drive-in which has the
    distinction of having its premises straddle two states.
    * Regionally, the old Northfield is also the 2nd-oldest in
    continuous operation for all of New England (the oldest
    continuosly operated New England Drive-in is the Sunset,
    located in Colchester, Vermont). Meanwhile, the rumors of
    the Northfield's demise have been greatly exaggerated ..
    it is in fact very much alive & open for Season 2001, it's
    53rd season - preserving the presence of the past, and
    screening double features. Admission: $7.50 for adults;
    $3.50 for kids under 12; and free for ages 3 and under.

  • Laconia (Belknap County) New Hampshire
    Weirs Drive-in:  603-366-4723
    located on Route 3 at Weirs Beach

    The largest of New Hampshire's Drive-ins is a 4-screener
    (the largest of them being Screen1), with a capacity for
    just over a thousand cars, and a local vicinity FM radio
    broadcast for the soundtrack. The Weirs is a very popular
    Drive-in, attributable in large part to the great location
    and the obvious effort and lengths that the owners go to
    in making the most of it. The Weirs is situated opposite
    Lake Winnipesaukee, 45 minutes northeast of Concord.
    And you'll know you're close when you see the smoking
    volcano of the nearby Weirs Beach Water Slide, which
    also makes for a cool daytrip if you want to head-out
    early in the day and do the water slides (there's even
    a water slide running through the big volcano). The
    Drive-in's ticket booth opens at 7:30PM and the Weirs
    has an arrangement with its neighbors that allows early
    arrivals at the Drive-in to show their ticket stub next door
    at the 18-hole Volcano mini golf to get a discounted $2
    admission, as an activity prior to dusk and showtime.

  • Milford (Hillsborough County) New Hampshire
    Milford Twin Drive-in:  603-673-4090
    located off Route 101-A West (on Elm Street)

    The Milford opened up during the peak years of America's
    Drive-in boom, back in 1958. At the end of the next decade,
    and at a point in time when there was no doubt in anyone's
    mind that the boom had already gone bust, the Milford was
    acquired by a young couple who have continued to operate
    and nurture it for the past 32 years. They also marked their
    15th year of ownership by the addition of a second screen;
    larger than the original screen, and it's currently the largest
    screen of any of the New Hampshire Drive-ins. They screen
    double features of first-run films for each picture show and
    provide both AM & FM local vicinity radio broadcasts for the
    movies' soundtrack (Screen1: 640 AM / 88.1 FM and Screen2:
    530 AM / 91.1 FM). Between the screens is a concession area
    with an adjacent playground for the wee folk. Their season
    runs April thru September (weekends only  spring and fall);
    lit-up every nite during peak season, mid-May to Labor Day.
    Admission: $15 per carload.  * Make a point of getting here
    early on weekends, to avoid being dissapointed! And if you're
    coming out from the Boston area, it's within an hour's drive ..
    take Route 3 to (exit 8) 101-A .. stay on 101-A around Milford,
    to its end, and turn right at the lite, onto Elm (sign is on left).

  • Woodsville (Grafton County) New Hampshire
    Meadows Drive-in Theatre:  603-747-2608
    located on South Court Street - Route 135
    (aka: River Road) 35 miles north of Hanover

    Opened in 1953 and in continuous operation by the
    same family every year since .. except for a period of
    1 year, when it was leased-out (during the season of '68).
    Four generations of the Tegu family have participated
    in running The Meadows down thru the years, and, we
    were very pleased to announce that the Tegu family
    had twins (their second screen was added in 1996);
    their season runs from mid-April thru September.
    Admission: $5 adults; free for children under 12.

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