Vermont Drive-ins

The Green Mountain State began contributing
to the number of Drive-ins in America after the
end of the Second World War, and during the peak
years had more than 20 Drive-ins around the state.

In the four decades that have passed since the
heyday of Vermont's Drive-in Movie Theatres,
84% of them have gone dark or been demolished.
The few that do remain however have preserved the
presence of the past and will appreciate your support.

     Randall Drive-in 
 Bethel, Vermont

  • Bethel (Windsor County) Vermont
    Randall Drive-in:  802-234-7220
    located on Route 12,  4 miles south of town
    (between the towns of Bethel and Randolph)

    Vermont's smallest Drive-in has a single screen
    and a capacity for just under 200 cars. They are
    open weekends only Fri-Sat-Sun, screening double
    features of current and recent films. Admission: $7
    for each adult; free for children aged 11 and under.

                Sunset Drive-in 
 Colchester, Vermont

  • Colchester (Chittenden County) Vermont
    Sunset Drive-In Theatre:  802-862-1800
    located on Porters Point Road, off Route 127
    (just outside— 1 mile north of— Burlington).

    This second generation family-owned and family oriented Drive-in
    handed down from father to son, has been in operation since 1948,
    * and is also the oldest continuously-operated New England Drive-in.
    Their season runs May-Sept, with 4 screens showing double features
    of first-run films; FM radio local vicinity broadcasting for the movies'
    soundtrack.  Admission: $7.50 for adults; $2 for children under age 12.

  • Fairlee (Orange County) Vermont
    Fairlee Drive-In Theatre:  802-333-9192
    located at 1809 Route 5, one mile north of town

    The usual Hotel/Motel concept of in-room movies is CABLE TV ..
    * this is one of only 2 Drive-ins in America that have a motel on the
    premises with a view of a Drive-in Movie; all rooms have a picture
    window and speaker, allowing motel guests to watch the movies.
    The motel has 12 units, so be sure that you make a reservation
    well in advance to enjoy this unique Drive-in which has been in
    operation since 1950 in rural Vermont - 45mins East of Montpelier.

     St.Albans Drive-in 
 St.Albans, Vermont

  • St. Albans (Franklin County) Vermont
    St. Albans Drive-in:  802-524-3185
    located on Route 7 North

    The folks who run this single-screener are expecting twins;
    watch for further updates on the addition of another screen.
    And speaking of extended families, there is a capacity here
    for half a thousand cars. They screen double features, all
    first-run films during their season, which opens up with
    weekends only, and then runs to 7 nites thru Labor Day.
    Movie audio provided with an FM (88.9) radio broadcast.
    Admission: $7.50 per adult; $1 for kids aged 11 & under.

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