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THE BIG PICTURE: as the indoor multiplexes multiply, their screen sizes continue to shrink, while their prices continue to rise. As audiences weary of the rampant commercialism, people are once again discovering and rediscovering drive-in theaters, cinema al fresco, in increasing numbers.

Drive-ins provide a romantic and nostalgic alternative under the stars, have the largest movie screens, have snack bar menus that rival restaurants (in contrast to over-priced lobby candy and soda offerings at indoor theaters) and usually show two movies for the price on one admission at an indoor theater.

Yet, drive-in theaters offer an experience and an opportunity for us that is more than merely seeing a MOVIE on the BIG screen outdoors. It's about seeing the larger picture-choosing the drive-in as your opportunity to support a fragile Mom&Pop industry and, to celebrate and to help preserve the presence of the past. Drive-ins also allow families to play and interact before, between and after the movies unlike any experience that is possible at indoor theaters.

Drive-in theaters are worth preserving for so many reasons. So search through the states below to find the drive-in theaters in your state and surrounding states which you can visit and support.