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Even though Maine is farther north than parts of Canada and can experience very cold weather, it was also one of the first states to have a drive-in theater with the opening of the Saco drive-in in 1939. Maine peaked as a drive-in state with 39 drive-ins in the mid 1950's. Now there are 5 remaining drive-ins operating in Maine. While a small number, because of its population, Maine has one of the highest drive-ins per capita ratio at almost 4 drive-ins per million residents (the average for all state is 1 drive-in per one million residents. And the Saco, Maine's first drive-in, is still open and one of the oldest in the country.

Open Drive-ins

Bridgton Drive-in
383 Portland Rd
Bridgton, ME 4009

Originally built as a single screen drive-in back in 1957, the Bridgton Drive-in added a second screen in 2000.. Their season generally runs May thru...more about Bridgton Drive-in
Skylite Drive-in
304 11th Avenue
Madawaska, ME 4756

The Skylite Drive-in is America's northern most drive-in. It is actually within walking distance to Canada if you are so inclined. The drive-in is a...more about Skylite Drive-in
Saco Drive-in
969 Portland Road
Saco, ME 4072

The Saco Drive-in is Maine's oldest drive-in (opened in 1939!) and the second oldest of America's still operating drive-ins. It has a capacity for 50...more about Saco Drive-in
Skowhegan Drive-in
201 Waterville Rd
Skowhegan, ME 4976

The Skowhegan Drive-in has been open since 1954. This single screen drive-in operates seasonally May thru September. Be aware that they only accept ...more about Skowhegan Drive-in
Pride's Corner Drive-in
651 Bridgetown Road
Westbrook, ME 4092

The Prides Corner Drive-in was opened in 1953 and operated seasonally every year until September 2015 when it was closed with an uncertain future whil...more about Pride's Corner Drive-in
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