Oregon Drive-ins

During the late 50's heyday of the American Drive-in,
Oregon had played host to as many as 70 outdoor cinemas,
90% of which have since gone dark or have been demolished.
Here are the most recent closings and all of Oregon's Drive-ins
that remain for us to enjoy and which depend upon our support:

 Dallas, Oregon

  • Dallas (Polk County) Oregon
    Motor Vu Drive-in:  503-623-4449
    located at 315 Southeast Fir Villa Road

    In continuous operation since 1953, the Motor Vu
    has the largest movie screen (90' wide) in Oregon.
    Their screen is lit with double features, seasonally
    (April-October); broadcasting movie soundtrack on
    radio AM (660) and FM (96.5) stereo; parks up to 400.
    Admission: $10/carload for all passengers; all movies.

  • Hood River (Hood River County) Oregon
    Trail Drive-in Theatre:    DARK
    located at 1655 Tucker Road

    The Trail was one of America's eight "MoPed" Drive-ins;
    being one of the very few locations where you could see
    both a motor-theatre and a walk-in theatre on the same
    property (the automotive theatre had 1 screen, and the
    walk-in has 2). The Drive-in was open seasonally, April
    thru October, screening double features, with FM audio.

  • John Day (Grant County) Oregon
    Wilderness Outdoor Theatre:    DARK
    located on Highway 395 West

    photo: Steve Swanson
 La Grande, Oregon 
 by Steve Swanson

  • La Grande (Union County) Oregon
    La Grande Drive-in:  541-963-3866
    located on20th Street (opp Bi-Mart)

    La Grande is yet another example of a "MoPed"
    cinema operation, co-locating a Drive-in and
    a walk-in theatre under the same ownership;
    which is not immediately evident from their
    taped schedule announcements, requiring
    patience til the very end of the recording
    to hear mention of skeds for the Drive-in.
    Audio provided with FM radio broadcast.
    Admission:  $11 per carload (covers all).

    photo: Steve Swanson
 Lebanon, Oregon 
 by Steve Swanson

  • Lebanon (Linn County) Orgeon
    MotorVu Drive-in:  541-258-5432
    located on S. Santiam Highway @Cascade

    Open weekend nites only (Fri-Sat-Sun); screening
    double features each nite; single-price admission
    charged by the carload ($8); audio:  FM radio only.
    NOTE: "minors must be accompanied by an adult."

  • Madras (Jefferson County) Oregon
    K & D Drive-in:    DARK
    located on Highway 97 SouthWest

  • Milton-Freewater (Umatilla County) Oregon
    M & F Drive-in:  541-938-4327
    located at 84322 Highway 11 (Walla Walla Hwy)

    Four miles south of the state line up in the northeast
    corner of the state, M&F's single screen has now been
    lit since 1954 (and operated by the same family since 1967).
    They are open seasonally (April-October) every nite except
    Thursday; screening double features and occasionally marking
    certain holidays with festive Dusk-to-Dawn screenings. M&F's
    fresh never frozen home-made pizzas have become another
    attraction in themselves; frequently the locals will trek to
    the drive-in not for the movie, but just to snare their pies.
    Those who want to get the whole picture are charged
    by the carload ($7) and will be listening to the movie's
    soundtrack on portable or car radio - 530 AM or 88.5 FM.

    photo: Steve Swanson
     99W DRIVE-IN 
 Newberg, Oregon 
 by Steve Swanson

  • Newberg (Yamill County) Oregon
    99W Drive-in:  503-538-2738
    located on Highway 99W (Portland Road),
    just west of the Springbrook Road intersection

    An old solo screen with a capacity for nearly
    300 cars, which has been lit-up since August
    of 1953. They opened-up the picture show with
    a double bill: Sea Devils and Under the Sahara,
    and they're still screening double features here
    almost five decades later (only on the weekends).
    Audio is provided with AM & FM radio broadcasts.
    Intermissions are accentuated with vintage reels.
    Admission:  they have an $8 min. per vehicle here
    (if you're going solo); otherwise flix tix are: $6 per
    person for ages12&up; $3 for kids aged 6 thru 11;
    and children of ages 5 and under are admitted free.

    * The 99W was built by Ted Francis (and remains in
    the same family,  operated by his grandson-  Brian).
    Until his death in 1999, at the age of 98,  Ted Francis
    (known as J.T. to many friends),  held the distinction
    of being America's oldest Drive-in operator, and until
    just a few weeks before his death, he could be found
    tending to his family's very classic walk-in cinema, the
    Cameo, which has been a Newberg fixture since 1937.

  • Portland (Multnomah County) Oregon
    Foster Drive-in Theatre:   DEMOLISHED
    formerly located on Foster Road (East of 205)
    * The tri-screen Foster had been open in 1998 but was dark
    the following year for the last season of the 20th Century ..
    and will never re-open. It was acquired and demolished to
    make way for the office complex that regretably replaced it.

  • Portland (Multnomah County) Oregon
    see:   Newburg, Oregon  (nearest to Portland)

    photo: Keith Welty
     99W DRIVE-IN 
 Newberg, Oregon 
 by Keith Welty

  • Roseburg (Douglas County) Orgeon
    Starlite Indoor/Outdoor Theatre:     DARK
    located at 400 Grant Smith Road

    The Starlite was yet another instance of a
    'MoPed' operation in Oregon, where there
    was both an outdoor (motor) theatre and
    an indoor (pedestrian) walk-in cinema on
    the same property. The Starlite went dark
    after LaborDay, at Summer's end, in 1997.

  • Woodburn (Marion County) Oregon
    Woodburn Drive-in Theatre:   DARK
    formerly located at 1970 Molalla Road

    * Did not open for Season 2K and it is not expected to
    be re-opening (all equipment having been removed).

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