Washington Drive-ins

 Port Orchard, WA

RODEO DRIVE-IN   Port Orchard, Washington

  • Aberdeen (Grays Harbor) Washington
    Harbor Drive-in:    GONE
    formerly located at 5515 Olympic Highway;
    (Fashion Update:  it's now a Mobile Home lot).

    photo: Steve Swanson
 Auburn, Washington 
 by Steve Swanson

  • Auburn (King County) Washington
    Valley 6 Drive-in:  253-854-1250
    located at 401 49th Street / Auburn Ave.

    Washington's largest  Drive-in movie theatre
    (with six screens and parking for up to 3,000
    cars spread-out across more than a couple
    dozen acres),  is perched right on the edge
    of oblivion ..   tho for now,  the PictureShow
    goes on, images of 2,600 housing units and
    roughly 1,000,000 sqft of commercial space
    are also being projected here. Presently, the
    Valley is still lit-up,  but it appears inevitable
    that it will become the Valley of shadows ..
    until then, their season runs: late March thru
    October, screening 6 pairs of double features
    each nite; with a repeat screening of the first
    movie as a 3rd feature on Fridays & Saturdays.
    Audio for all screens is provided with AM radio.
    Admission: $5 (12&up); $3.50 Srs. & ages 12-15.

  • Bellingham (Whatcom County) Washington
    Samish Twin Drive-in:    DARK
    located at 3801 Byron Avenue

    The youngest  of all of Washington's remaining Drive-ins
    is this deuce which was built in 1972, a few blocks east of
    Interstate-5 in the northwest corner of the state (and only
    50 miles south east of Vancouver, BC).  Between their two
    screens, they can accommodate nearly 600 cars.  It's like
    a little, walled village here ..  looking almost as if all of the
    corrugated metal fencing was erected in a vain attempt to
    ward-off the encroach of the housing developments which
    have pretty much encircled the entire property {fortress}.
    Audio provided with FM radio broadcast.  Admission: $5.50
    per person (age12&up);  ages 11 and under admitted free.

  • Bremerton (Kitsap County) Washington
    Kitsap Lake Drive-in:    GONE
    formerly located at

    Originally part of the California-based United Drive-ins
    chain (the next link in the chain was the nearby Rodeo).
    Kitsap Lake was acquired by a regional chain, Cascade
    Cinemas, of Seattle, in 1977, which operated it briefly ..
    and then ..  fade to Black.

  • Bremerton (Kitsap County) Washington

    see also:   Port Orchard, Washington

  • Colville (Stevens County) Washington
    Auto Vue Drive-in Theatre:  509-684-2863
    located at 444 Auto View Road (Rural Route 2)

    Auto Vue's solo screen has been lit-up since 1953.
    They have a capacity for just over 200 cars and are
    open seasonally, Memorial Day thru Labor Day, on
    weekends only. Audio is provided with AM/FM radio.
    Admission: $5 per person (12&up); age 11 & under $1.

  • Dayton (Columbia County) Washington
    Dayton Drive-in:    DARK
    located on Highway 12

    photo: Steve Swanson
 Everett, Washington 
 by Steve Swanson

  • Everett (Snohomish County) Washington
    Puget Park Drive-in:  425-338-5957
    located at 13020 Meridian

    Washington's largest solo-screen Drive-in has a
    capacity for 700 cars, and is open seasonally, April
    thru October.  Audio is by radio (107.3 FM) broadcast.
    Admission: $6.50 per person (12&up);  $3 for ages 6-11.
    There's also a FleaMkt SwapMeet held here on weekends.

    * NOTE:   One of the sites seen at almost any Drive-in,
    past or present, is people gathered   outside   of their
    vehicles (or on),  or, on blankets, and  in lawn chairs ..
    but,  not here. This is the only American Drive-in which
    finds it necessary to enforce a "no lawnchairs" policy.

  • Kennewick (Benton County) Washington
    Hi-Land Drive-in Theater:    GONE
    formerly located on Kennewick Avenue
    (Demolished in 1963)

  • Kent (King County) Washington
    Midway Drive-in Theatre:    DARK

  • Longview (Cowlitz County) Washington
    Your Drive-in Theatre:    DARK
    located at 720 Seventh Avenue

  • Oak Harbor (Island County) Washington
    Blue Fox Drive-in:  360-675-5667
    located at 1403 North Monroe Landing Road
    (2 miles south of Oak Harbor, off Hwy.20)

    This solo screen is lit with a double feature each evening.
    Admission:   Adults - $5.50 per person (for all ages 12&up);
    Sunday Bargain Nite- $4.50 (12&up);  under age 11 it's free.
    And hey, it's not just a Drive-in ..  the locals and regs know it
    as the best Pizzeria in town (12" & 16" pies, or slices);  they
    run GoKarts here too; Sat: 11am-dusk; Sun: 12:30pm - dusk.

  • Pasco (Franklin County) Washington
    River-Vue Drive-in:    DARK
    located at West Sylvester & Rte.28

    photo: Steve Swanson
 Port Orchard, Washington 
 by Steve Swanson

  • Port Orchard (Kitsap County) Washington
    Rodeo Triple Drive-in:  360-698-6030
    located on Highway 3 (1mi N of Bremerton Airport)

    Washington's second-largest Drive-in cinema was first
    lit-up back in 1946, as a solo screen venue which was
    one of two local links within the United Drive-ins chain.
    Now independently-owned, the Rodeo lights 3 screens
    with double features; accommodating over 800 cars.
    They're open seasonally (mid-March thru October), on
    the weekends only -Fri/Sat/Sun- during spring and fall;
    open 7 nites during the peak summer season, when
    their tix booth opens at 8pm Friday/Saturday and at
    8:30pm Sunday - Thursday).  Admission: $6.50 per
    person (ages 12&up);   $3 (ages 6-12); under 5 free.
    Audio for all three screens is by FM radio broadcast.
    There's also a FleaMarket SwapMeet here on Sundays
    from 8am-2pm  (Flea Market Info line:  360-698-6031).

    photo: Steve Swanson
 Port Townsend, Washington 
 by Steve Swanson

  • Port Townsend (Jefferson County) Washington
    Wheel-in Motor Movie:  360-385-0859
    located on Theatre Road

    Washington's smallest  Drive-in movie theatre is one of our
    FAVs: an old fashioned and very nicely maintained family
    operation, which has also been operated by  that same
    family since the Wheel-in first opened ..  back in 1952.
    The lot, which is mostly grass field and well-framed by
    evergreens, has a cozy capacity for about 150 cars.
    The screen is lit seasonally, April thru October. Audio
    options:  FM radio broadcast or traditional speakers.

    photo: Steve Swanson
 Shelton, Washington 
 by Steve Swanson

  • Shelton (Mason County) Washington
    Skyline Drive-in:  360-426-4707
    located at 182 S.E. Brewer Road (off Hwy.101)

    Season 2001 is the 39th consecutive season
    for this old solo screen that opened 20 miles
    northwest of the state capital, back in 1962,
    with a capacity for over 300 cars. They are
    open seasonally, April thru September. Audio
    is provided with AM (540) radio broadcasting
    for the double features screened each nite.
    Admission:  $5 (ages12&up);  under 12 free.

 Wenatchee, Washington

  • Wenatchee (Chelan County) Washington
    Vue Dale Drive-in:  509-662-7740
    located at 1546 South Wenatchee Avenue

    Twin screen venue with a capacity for up to 600 cars;
    open seasonally, 7 nites, MemorialDay thru LaborDay.
    Each of their two screens is lit with a double feature.
    Admission: $10 per carload ($6 if single passenger).

  • Yakima (Yakima County) Washington
    Country Drive-in:  509-966-5340
    located at 4309 West Nob Hill Boulevard

    Originally a solo screen venue when it was first lit
    back in 1954 ..  the Country is now a twin-screen
    Drive-in which can accommodate over 600 cars.
    Open seasonally: mid-March thru mid-November,
    on weekends only. They light each screen with a
    double feature. Audio is AM & FM radio broadcast.
    Admission:  $9 per carload covers all passengers.

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