Nevada Drive-ins

Nevada's rather modest contribution to America's
ozoner layer began in the years immediately following
WorldWar II .. and although it was never one of the top
Drive-in states, with a dozen Drive-ins in the best years
(with almost half of those clustered in the Las Vegas area),
the boom had lasted here ten years beyond most of the country.

Since the heyday of Nevada's Drive-ins, 83% have gone dark or
have been demolished, and only 2 of them remain in operation.
Interestingly (or hauntingly, if you are given to romanticisms):
among the two multi-screen venues that remain, are 10 screens,
as if each were a tombstone for the 10 along the Lost Highway.

  • North Las Vegas (Clark County) Nevada
    Las Vegas Drive-in:   702-646-3565
    located at 4151 West Carey Avenue

    A fixture of the Las Vegas nitescene for the past 34 years, the
    Vegas is open throughout the year, screening double features
    on each of it's 6 screens every nite of the week (the first film
    also repeats after the end of the second movie). Audio for the
    movies' soundtrack is provided over your car's radio by local
    vicinity FM broadcast.  Admission: $5.50 per adult; children
    under the age of 12 years are admitted free. There is also a
    Tuesday nite special when admission is:   $3.50 per person
    (ticket booth is open from 8PM-Midnite on weekends, and
    from 8:30PM - Midnite during the week). You'll find the
    Vegas right across from the Fiesta Hotel & Casino.

  • Sparks (Washoe County) Nevada
    El Rancho Drive-in:   775-358-6920
    located at 555 El Rancho Drive

    The El Rancho is open throughout the year, screening
    double features on each of its four screens. The audio for
    the movies' soundtrack is provided through car radios or
    portables by multi-channel local vicinity FM broadcasting.
    Ticket booth is open Friday & Saturday from 7:30 - 11:30PM;
    Sundays: 7:30PM - 11PM; Monday thru Thursday: 8PM - 11PM.
    Admission:   $5.75 for each adult; free for children 11 & under.
    Tuesday nite is their Family Discount Nite:   $3.50 per person.
    There is also a Flea MArket swapmeet held here on Fridays
    and Saturdays from 5:30AM - 4:30PM (details: 775-331-3227).
    You'll find the El Rancho just north of I-80, east of 395.

    photo: Max Chapman
 Yerington, Nevada 
 by Max Chapman

  • Yerington (Lyon County) Nevada
    Sage Crest Drive-in:    DARK

     Drive-ins Gone but not Forgotten!

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      formerly in Ely: The Motor Vu (White Pine County)

      formerly in Fallon: The Roper (Churchill County)

      formerly in Hawthorne: The Mineralite (Mineral County)

      formerly in Las Vegas: The Desert (Clark County)

      formerly in Las Vegas: The Skyway (Clark County)

      formerly in Las Vegas: The Sunset (Clark County)

      formerly in Las Vegas: The Nevada (Clark County)

      formerly in Reno: The Midway (Washoe County)

      formerly in Yerington: The Sage Crest (Lyon County)

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