Malta Drive-in Theatre • Ballston Spa, NY

Although New York State was one of the first 10 American states to host a Drive-in movie theatre (the first one in NY had opened in August of 1938 at Valley Stream, on Long Island — a long time gone), the Empire State was still what you'd call: a late bloomer. Generally, across America, the peak years for Drive-ins were the mid to late 50's. New York's peak season was '63, with over 150 Driveins lit-up that year. Since then, the state has experienced a rate of attrition and decline of 81%, but yet, NY remains one of the top 5 Drive-in states, with nearly 30 Drive-ins that remain lit currently & seasonally. Here are the New York Drive-ins that remain in operation, which we still have the opportunity to enjoy, and can make a point of supporting, to help preserve the presence of The Past ..


ALBANY vicinity — see:
Averill Park • Ballston Spa • Coxsackie • Glenmont •

ALEXANDRIA BAY (Jefferson County) 13607

Bay Drive-in: 315-482-3874

located on Route 26
at Bailey Settlement Road
(5 miles from I-84 Exit 50N - Route 12)
in Alexandria Bay, NY
The big screen at the Bay was first lit-up in 1968 and has been in continuous operation ever since. The present owners - since purchasing it in 1982, have gone to great expense and have done a really extraordinary job on the expansion & improvements. A second 66' wide screen was added in 1999. The Bay is also one of the few American Drive-ins which has an indoor viewing area (which can seat 60 people) and the only New York State Drive-in that has one. Between the two screens, the Bay accommodates up to 600 cars and provides audio with FM stereo radio broadcast. They are open seasonally, May - October, weekends only in spring and fall, 7 nites June thru LaborDay. They're lighting each of their two screens with double features. For the nostalgia minded, there are 100 traditional window speakers for Screen-1, besides radio broadcast (106.1FM & 600AM). Screen-2 audio is entirely by radio broadcast (92.3FM). The Bay is an exceptional Drive-in experience, with more than the usual amenities; one of the most extensive and imaginative snackbar menus, and an on-premise indoor ATM for customer convenience. Dogs accepted, but credit cards are not (although there is an ATM machine on premises to convert plastic to cash). Admission: $6 per person for Adults (ages 12 and over); discounted $5 admission active military personnel (w/ID); $4 for Seniors 65+ and only $2 for Children (ages 7-11); Children aged 6 and under are admitted free.

GPS: Lat 44.27782 • Long -75.93560

[!] Flashback: On the morning of Saturday, July 15th, 1995, a freak windstorm had torn through the Bay Drive-in, causing extensive damage, but the owners were commited to the notion that the SHOW must go on .. reinvesting, recovering, and reopening (remarkably, within just 2 weeks). The following season, in the summer of '96, the movie Twister opened here — by which time the Bay had already screened Coming Attractions (and with a very Deja view of the scene where an intense wind burst takes a Drive-in Theatre apart).

AMENIA (Dutchess County) 12501

Amenia Drive-in Theatre: 845-373-8178

located 4957 Route 22
(Intersection of Routes 22 & 44)
in Amenia, NY
Among the several refurbished, restored, or newly-constructed picture shows underscoring a Drive-in renaissance in New York (one of America's Top5 states for Drive-ins), the Amenia Drive-in Movie Theatre was constructed and made its debut during Season 2013. Their 56' wide screen is lit with a double feature every nite of the week, during a season which runs May thru October. Projection is digital and movie audio is provided with a localized radio broadcast (104.5 FM). Although larger than the original Amenia Drive-in (a 52-car Mom & Pop picture show which was built and operated by Ward & Frances Kipp, in operation from 1965 to 1983), Amenia remains the smallest of New York's 29 Drive-in Cinemas. SnackBar service includes the option of having food orders delivered to your car. Admission: $9 per person for Adults (ages 13 & Up); $5 for Children 6-12; Kids age 5 and under are admitted free. Well-behaved Dogs are also permitted.

GPS: Lat 41.85029 • Long -73.55750

[!] parking capacity is limited, and on a first come first served basis; plan to arrive early, particularly on Weekends.

AMSTERDAM vicinity —   see: Palatine Bridge, NY • Broadalbin, NY

AUBURN / Aurelius   (Cayuga County) 13021

Finger Lakes Drive-in: 315-370-7780

located 30 minutes west of Syracuse
and 10 minutes south of Interstate-90

(4 miles west of the village of Auburn)
at 1056 Clark Street Road (Routes 20/5)
The Auburn vicinity had hosted both of the two outdoor picture shows which had once existed in Cayuga County, the Fingerlakes having been Cayuga's first; which was joined by the East Drive-in Theatre after 3 seasons. The East had a run of 35 years, and it's older sibling, the Fingerlakes, is still running .. and running .. and running .. and over the course of 68 consecutive seasons, has out-run all of New York's 29 other remaining outdoor cinemas, to become the State's oldest continuously operated Drive-in movie theatre. The BIG screen at this Energizer Bunny of Drive-ins was first lit back on July 15th, 1947, with a musical comedy featuring Gale Storm — back in the days before she was to upstage I LOVE LUCY (taking the country by Storm) in the title role of pioneering 50's era TV sit-com series My Little Margie. And speaking of nostalgia, it's still possible to find nostalgic speakers here from the heyday of America's Drive-ins .. although most people listen via their car radios, tuning in a localized radio broadcast (107.1 FM -or- 540 AM) for the movie audio. The Finger Lakes remains open seasonally, from late April or early May (ranging with the temperment of early spring weather), on weekends at first, and then full-tilt 7 nites during the peak season after Memorial Day, and then on Weekends only again after Labor Day .. and for as long as attendance and weather permits. Double-features are included in the ticket prices. Admission: $8.00 (for all ages 12&up); $4 for Children aged 5-11, and kids aged 4 years and younger are admitted free.

GPS: Lat 43.01909 • Long -76.49780

AVERILL PARK (Rensselaer County) 12018

Hollywood Drive-in: 518-283-4425

located east of Albany and SE of Troy @
9254 Averill Park Road (Route 66)
in Averill Park, NY

Located east of the state capitol and less than 10 miles SE of Troy, NY, the Hollywood has remained lit each season since the early years of America's Drive-in boom (1952). Originally built for just over 200 cars, it has been expanded over the years and can accommodate up to 400 vehicles. The Hollywood has also remained a family place — in every sense, down through the years .. always operated with families and family outings in mind, and always operated by the same family (over decades notched with the demise of so many Mom&Pop operations), and handed down from father to son (and the son having greatly enhanced the original Drive-in over the past 4 decades). During the early years it was actually operated on a year-round basis, on weekends off-peak and every nite of the week during peak season (back when not only pole speakers, but pole heaters were available to customers). Presently, the Hollywood's BIG 88' wide screen is kept lit mid-April thru September with a double-feature, and movie audio is broadcast directly to your car radio (88.1 FM) in stereo. Admission: $9.00 for Adults (ages 11&up); $5.00 for Children (5-10); Children 4 & under admitted free, as are well behaved four-legged members of the family.

GPS: Lat 42.63740 • Long -73.54050

AVON (Livingston County) 14414

Vintage Drive-in: 585-226-9290

south of Rochester, NY, via Interstate 390,
located at 1520 West Henrietta Road, in Avon

From I-390 (Genesee Expressway) take exit 10 for Avon, and then continue west on Route 5/20 for less than a mile, turn north/right at Route 15 (Henrietta Road), to Drive-in = ¾mi up on left

We're always pleased to be able to point-out that not all the news items about Drive-ins are in the Obits column .. as was certainly the case back when we had first announced that — long after the BabyBoom and Drive-in Heyday years — Avon gave birth to triplets! The nearest drive-in for Rochester and vicinity is this relatively recent Drive-in Renaissance picture show — originally built from the ground up in 1997. The Drive-in now has four screens and a capacity for more than 500 cars. Owing to its popularity, proximity to Rochester, and a kickin' snackbar, do make a point of arriving early, especially in peak season, to find a spot here. Each of their 4 screens is lit with a double feature during peak season, although early and late in their season (mid-April thru October) not all screens may be lit. The movie audio is provided with a local FM radio brodcast. Admission: $9 for Adults (12&up); $5 for Children (5-11); Kids aged 4 & under admitted free.

The Drive-in also hosts a popular FLEA MARKET on Sundays, April thru October. Admission to the FleaMarket is free for buyers, and the general public. Spaces for sellers is reasonably priced: $25 per Sunday, or less (i.e., $20 per day when paying up-front for a month of Sundays); FleaMarket info: 585-226-8320.

GPS: Lat 42.91464 • Long -77.70550

BALLSTON SPA (Saratoga County) 12020

Malta Drive-in: 518-587-6077

located at 2785 Route 9, in Ballston Spa, NY, 1mi south of Exit 13S off the Northway (I-87)

approximately 15 min north of Albany
and 10 min south of Saratoga Springs

With many happy returns, appreciative Drive-in enthusiasts have seen this venerable picture show through more than half a century, and can return this year to celebrate its 65th Annniversary. One of the oldest continuosly operated Drive-ins in New York, the Malta was first lit in 1949 as an 80' wide solo screen with a capacity for up to 500 cars; 6 decades later, its capacity was extended to allow for 800 cars and a second 60' wide screen was added. Both screens are now lit with a double-feature during their season (April - September), on weekends during the Spring & Fall months, and 7 nites during peak season. Audio is provided with a local FM radio broadcast (90.1 FM for Screen 1, 103.3 FM for Screen 2), and some of the classic Drive-in pole speakers are still available for a nice nostalgic touch. Admission: $9 for the Adults (12&up); $4 for Children (5-11); two-legged kids 4 & under and four-legged kids of all ages are admitted free (dogs are not permitted in the SnackBar area, and must be leashed when outside your car).

GPS: Lat 43.00333 • Long -73.79040

[!] The Screen at the Malta was first lit with a double feature on July 1st, 1949 .. with an Abbott & Costello comedy- The Noose Hangs High, and a Western co-feature starring Roy Rogers and his trusty steed Trigger.

BETHLEHEM vicinity — see: Glenmont, NY

BINGHAMTON vicinity — see: Unadilla, NY

BLACK RIVER (Jefferson County) 13601

Black River Drive-in: 315-773-8604

located on the outskirts of Watertown, NY
at 28035 State Route 3 (Black River)

intersection of Route 3 & Route 342

The most recent contribution to New York's Drive-in Renaissance (among the recently-built and formerly 'dark' Drive-ins that have been restored and reopened), the Black River Drive-in was originally built in 1950, and was first lit in August of that year as a solo screen with a capacity for just over 500 cars. It remained lit, seasonally, for more than three decades, through a series of owners and operators, and then went dark in the 1980's .. as America's passion for Drive-ins cooled .. which coincided with the rise of the Mall Culture, the MultiPlex cinemas, alternate forms of entertainment- notably the VCR, and the general abandonment and demise of most traditional sole-proprietorships and Mom&Pop operations, and many Drive-in theatres among them. Black River remained dark and forlorn for the next two decades, but as fate and a couple of very ambitious and experienced Drive-in veterans would have it, it was not the river of no return .. after acquiring the property, and the years of clearing the site and cutting red tape that followed, a fabulous resurrection was performed here, and the Black River Drive-in was finally reopened on August 18th, of Season 2006. Situated in a picturesque park-like setting, the revived picture show offers al fresco cinema with double features, seasonally, mid-April thru September. Movie audio is provided with a local radio broadcast (87.9 FM) in stereo. Admission: $8 for Adults (ages 12&up); $3 for Children (7-11); Kids aged 6&under admitted free. Dogs are permitted, providing they will remain leashed and manageable when not in your car (there is also a designated area available for walking them, along the tree line).

GPS: Lat 44.0100 • Long -75.7900

BROADALBIN (Fulton County) 12025
© photo:  Society for the
Preservation of Outdoor Theatres

Ozoner 29: 518-883-5735

located at 837 Route 29, in Broadalbin, NY

I-90 / NY Thruway Exit 27, and continue
9 miles north on Route 30 to Broadalbin,
turn right onto Route 29, and continue
2 more miles to Drive-in (on the right)

One of New York's Renaissance Drive-ins (among the recently-built or formerly 'dark' Drive-ins that have been restored and reopened), the Ozoner was built from the ground up, and opened in August of Season 2003 .. what began with an open field became a field of dreams. Aside from the birth announcement — that with the opening of this new two-screen Drive-in, Fulton County had twins, it ended the 15 year run that Fulton County had spent entirely in the dark, without a single operating Drive-in (and better to light a Drive-in than to curse the darkness!). The Ozoner has a combined capacity for up to 500 cars, and two 70' wide pole screens, which are lit with double-features, seasonally. They are open from late April thru September, on the weekends during Spring & Fall, and 7 nites during peak Summer season. Movie audio is being provided with a local FM radio broadcast; Screen 1 (lower field): 90.5 FM; Screen 2 (upper field): 89.7 FM. Admission (CASH only): $8 for Adults (ages 12&up); $4 for Children (ages 3-11); Kids 2 and under are admitted free, as are four-legged members of the family, who are welcome here as well.

GPS: Lat 43.05781 • Long -74.18640

BUFFALO vicinity — see: Delevan, NY • Lockport, NY • Middleport, NY

CATSKILL vicinity — see: Coxsackie, NY

CORNING vicinity — see: Elmira, NY

COXSACKIE (Greene County) 12051
© photo:  Society for the
Preservation of Outdoor Theatres

Hiway Drive-in: 518-731-8672

located at 10769 Route 9W, in Coxsackie, NY

From Albany vicinity: take New York State Thruway, south to Exit 21-B, then south on 9W for 5½ miles; watch for a classic marquee & entrance on right.

From Catskill vicinity and southern New York, take New York State Thruway north to Exit 21 (Catskill), then Route 9W north for 7 miles, and watch for the Hiway's classic marquee & entrance on left.

One of several New York Drive-in theatres constructed by the Klein brothers during the toddler years of the Drive-in boom, the Hiway opened as a 55' solo screen fronting 424 speaker poles in 1951, and has been in continuous operation ever since. The Kleins ran the picture show for 45 years and then sold it. But in a very real sense it remained in their extended family — the apple of their eye not rolling very far from the proverbial tree, having been purchased by one of their former projectionists. Since 1997 the new owners have continually improved and expanded the Hiway .. adding radio sound, enlarging the original screen (now 75' wide), expanding parking capacity (for over 600 cars), overhauling the bathrooms & snackbar facility, and adding 3 additional screens; making the Hiway the 2nd largest Drive-in theatre in New York State (Screen 4 comes on line this season). Improvements and the change from traditional pole speakers to FM radio audio aside, this well-maintained Drive-in has a very classic look and feel, right from the entrance, still presided over by the original neon marquee erected more than half a century ago. All 3 screens (and soon a 4th) are lit with a different double feature, seasonally, April thru October (on wknds only in Spring and Fall, and running 7 nites during peak summer season). Admission: $9 for Adults (ages 12&up); $5 for Children (ages 3-11); Kids under 3 admitted free. Well-behaved dogs are welcome as well.

GPS: Lat 42.31846 • Long -73.84900

DELEVAN (Cattaraugus County) 14042

Loomis' Delevan Drive-in: 716-496-5660

located at 11771 State Route 16, in Delevan, NY

(approximately 30 miles south east of Buffalo)

Originally a solo screen Drive-in theatre with a capacity for 400 cars when it opened in 1959, a second screen was added during Season 2005, and the current capacity is for up to 550 cars in this pleasant grass field park-like setting. Both screens are lit with a double-feature during the Delevan's season (mid-April thru October), weekends during Spring & Fall, and 7 nites during peak season (MemorialDay-LaborDay). Audio for the movies is provided with local FM radio broadcasts: Screen#1, in front @ 104.9 FM; Screen#2, in back @ 90.7 FM; and Screen 1 also offers an AM radio broadcast for vintage pre-FM vehicles. FAVs at the Delevans SnackBar: their really thick & juicy hotdogs, the chunky deep-fried mozzarella sticks, and pizza — by the slice or large pie. Admission: $8 for Adults (ages 12&up); $7 for Seniors; $5 for Children (ages 4-11); Kids 3&under are free. Well-behaved dogs are welcome as well.

GPS: Lat 42.53367 • Long -78.47850

[!] The Delevan features discounted admission on Family Carload Nites (Thursdays & Sundays): $20 per car, covering all passengers.

ELMIRA (Chemung County) 14903

Elmira Drive-in: 607-734-8599

located at 2431 Route 352, in Big Flats (Elmira), NY

from Corning, NY, take Route I-86 east to Exit 48 (Route 352), turn right and continue east on 352 for 5 miles (entrance to the Drive-in will be on the right).

from Binghamton, NY, take Route 17 West (I-86) to Elmira (Exit 56), turn left onto Route 352, continue west for 6½ miles, on through Elmira & West Elmira. (Drive-in entrance will be on the left, on Route 352).

One of New York's oldest operating Drive-ins, the big screen (100' wide) at the Elmira was first lit on April 16th, 1949. Half a century later .. a second screen was added to the grassfield 19-acre parklike setting, with mountain backdrop and very distinctive entrance fronting the hiway. The Elmira has a capacity for up to 800 cars and lights each screen with a double-feature. Movie audio is provided with local radio broadcasts in stereo — Screen 1: 89.9 FM, Screen 2: 95.9 FM. The Drive-in is open seasonally, April thru October; on weekends during Spring & Fall, and 7 nites during the peak summer season. Admission: $8 for Adults (ages 12&up); $3 for Children (ages 5-11); Kids 4&under admitted free.

GPS: Lat 42.13060 • Long -76.93540

[!] Hold on to your Admission ticket .. during the intermission between movies, a drawing is held for door prizes at the snack bar.

ERIE vicinity — see: Jamestown, NY

FAIR OAKS (Orange County) 10940

Fair Oaks Drive-in: 845-361-5773

located off Route 17 (Exit 118); 5 miles
northwest of Middletown's Galleria Mall

From I-84: take exit 4W (towards Binghamton); continue on Route 17 to exit 118, turning left at end of exit ramp; cross over highway, then turn right, and continue -mile more to the Drive-in.

Originally constructed as a solo screen Drive-in (the second of 2 which were built in the vicinity of Middletown), Fair Oaks opened in May of 1970. It operated under the original owners for eleven years — right up until the end of Season 1981. It remained dark for a decade, then was restored and revived by new owners, who eventually added a smaller second screen, and kept the screens lit up to and through Season 2013. Thereafter, Fair Oaks was in the dark for Season 2014, and then it was re-lit the following year during a trial-run by temporary tennants who operated it and then abandoned it in Season 2015 amidst continuing complaints and considerable controversy. Meanwhile, the Fair Oaks has seen its UPs and downs and has been down and dark before .. and yet the Picture Show still remains .. and that's going to still be the case with Season 2016. After a late start (following extensive repairs & refurbishing), the Season can be expected to last into October. Audio for the movies is provided with localized FM radio broadcasts (Screen1: 103.9FM | Screen2: 91.9FM). Admission: $9 for Adults (i.e., all ages 12&up); discounted for Seniors 65+ and activie Military; $5 for Children (ages 5-12); Kids under 5 years of age are admitted free. Well-behaved dogs are permitted to enjoy Cinema al fresco here as well.

GPS: Lat 41.45435 • Long -74.37350

[!] Fair Oaks — after reviving by its previous and legal owners — is planning on a July 4th weekend Grand opening, with the possibility of a "soft" opening during the latter part of June, 2016. The Fair Oaks Drive-in Movie Theatre, with a capacity for up to 800 cars, is logistically the closest/easiest Drive-in to reach from Manhattan and Greater Metropolis. It is one of two Drive-ins still operating in Orange County (the other is the Warwick Drive-in Theatre).

FULTON — see:   Minetto, NY

GLENMONT (Albany County) 12077

Jericho Drive-in:   518-767-3398

located at 21 Jericho Road (@ Route 9W),
in Glenmont (sometimes described as: Selkirk), NY

from Albany, NY, take Route 9W south for 6 miles (Drive-in entrance on the right, 1 mile south of BMW).

Now in its 58th season, this was the fourth outdoor picture show to be built by and originally operated in New York by Morris & Raphael Klein (and is one of 2 that they built which remain in operation; the other being the Hiway Drivein). The BIG screen at the Jericho was first lit back on Friday, June 14th, 1957. And being that they had selected Flag Day for their Grand Opening, the Klein brothers booked an appropriate Korean War melodrama to open with as the main feature on a double-bill (Battle Hymn — featuring Rock Hudson in the lead role, based on the true-to-Life story of Dean Hess, the celebrated Fighting Padre and Defender of the Faith, a Clergyman famed for becaming a fighter pilot). Flash forward: fifty-eight years later .. the Jericho is still lighting the screen with a double-feature, seasonally, April thru October; on Weekends only early & late in the season; and 7 nites during the peak Summer season, from Memorial Day to Labor Day; and has a capacity for more than 400 cars. Movie audio is provided with a localized radio broadcast (98.9 FM); and for vintage pre-FM vehicles: 530 AM. Admission: $9 for Adults (ages 12&up); $5 for Children (ages 3-11); Kids aged 2 and under admitted free. Major credit cards are accepted ($10 minimum).

GPS: Lat 42.57676 • Long -73.76220

[!] In addition to the snackbar there is also a separate Ice Cream Shoppe on the premises, called Twist, which is open every day of the week from March thru October; featuring both soft & hard ice cream cones, home-made ice cream sandwiches, sundaes, banana spilits, malteds, shakes, and ice cream floats.

GLENS FALLS (Saratoga County) 12804

Glen Drive-in: 518-792-0023

located at 975 Route 9 (Lake George Road), in Queensbury (Glens Falls), NY

Located between Exits 19 & 20 on the Adirondack Northway {87}, closest to exit 19 (and ½ mile south of 'Great Escape' Funpark)

Originally a solo screen which opened at the peak of America's Drive-in boom (back in 1958), the Glen now has twin screens, with an overall capacity for up to 800 cars. They are operating seasonally — on the weekends only - at first, beginning in late-April, and then 7 nites during the peak summer season, and then on thru Labor Day. Each of the screens is lit with a double-feature. Movie audio is provided with local radio broadcasts: 103.3 FM (Screen1); 104.3 (Screen2); and there are also still some traditional Drive-in pole speakers maintained here, for a nice nostalgia touch. Admission: $9 for Adults (ages 12&up); $4 for Children (ages 4-11); Kids 3&under admitted free.

GPS: Lat 43.34009 • Long -73.68160

[!] The Glen makes a point of making people remember just how important patronizing the snackBar is to a Drive-in's survival, and encourages that support with above-average fare. Particularly memorable: their BlackAngus Burgers and foot-long hotdogs.

GREENVILLE (Greene County) 12083

Greenville Drive-in:   518-966-2177

located at 10700 Route 32,
in Greenville, NY

Located off of Route 32 approximately 25 minutes west of {87} NY State Thruway (Catskill) Exit 21, by following Route 23 west to get to Route 32

The pleasant park-like rural setting, ringed-in with glimpses of the Catskill Mountains on the horizon, provides not a hint of the life and death happenstance and struggle between light & dark for this Drive-in down through the years, in the decades since its big screen was first lit-up (back on June 18th, 1959). And yet each time that it has been pronounced dark, it's also been subsequently resurrected and the screen re-lit .. as if the light flickers, but stubbornly refuses to go out with fatal finality. True to form, The Greenville came back from the brink, and operated again through Season 2013 — with a capacity for nearly 500 cars, and lighting its 80' wide solo screen with double-features. Then, once again, flickers, not flicks .. and Dark again in Season 2014. We're pleased to report that under entirely new Owner/Operators, the BIG screen in that big meadow-like venue was re-lit once again in July of 2015, and remains lit in Season 2016 .. so expect to be served Cinema al fresco on the Weekends, into October (with a decidedly retro flavor). How far into October will depend on both the Weather and the Support that they receive in this neck of the Woods (we can always hope for decent Weather, but we do have a definite ability and choice to personally participate in the continuation and preservation of Drive-ins). Movie audio is being provided with a localized FM radio broadcast (88.7 FM). Admission: $5 per person for all ages 5 & UP (wee folk aged less than 5 years are admitted free, as are four-legged members of the family). Be aware: historically and despite the 'perfect' setting for it, Dogs were not being permitted at this Drive-in. Under the new operators, leashed and well behaved dogs are now being allowed on the premises.

GPS: Lat 42.4357756 • Long -74.0175584

HOOSIC FALLS — see:   North Hoosic, NY

HYDE PARK (Dutchess County) 12538
© photo:  Society for the
Preservation of Outdoor Theatres

Hyde Park Drive-in: 845-229-4738

located at 4114 Albany Post Road (Route 9), in Hyde Park, diagonally across from the FDR estate.

From NY Thruway, Exit 19 (New Paltz), then right, to Route 299, continue east to Route 9W, then left and south on 9W to Highland for the Mid-Hudson Bridge, after crossing river, go north on Route 9 for 5 miles.

In continuous operation since 1949, Hyde Park is one of four NY Drive-ins which are less than a two-hour drive from Manhattan. Situated on 12 acres, with an 82' wide screen and a capacity for parking up to 600 cars, the Drive-in is operating this season every nite of the week, April thru September. Audio for the movies' soundtrack is provided with a local radio broadcast (87.9 FM). Admission: $9 for adults (ages 12&up); $6 for Children (ages 5-11); wee folk 4&under admitted free; and Tuesday is Bargain Nite — adult admission price is discounted to $6. CASH only at the Ticket Booth (major credit cards are accepted in the SnackBar).

GPS: Lat 41.76456 • Long -73.92590

JAMESTOWN (Chautauqua County) 14701

Park 60 Drive-in:   *DARK*

located at 1529 Foote Avenue Extension
(Route 60) in Jamestown, NY

10 minutes south of I-86 ..
Exit 12 (Main Street) follow Route 60
south, approximately 4 miles to Drive-in

Among several of New York State's contributions to America's Drive-in Renaissance (as among the many recently-built or the formerly 'dark' Drive-ins that have been constructed or restored, revived & reopened); this new twin-screen was built from the ground up fifteen years ago, opening on May 18th, 2001. The Park 60 has a capacity for up to 325 cars, with two outdoor screens, each of them having been lit with a double-feature for fourteen consecutive seasons — thru Season 2014. The Park 60 was serving Cinema al fresco from late-April thru early to mid September; on the weekends early and late in the season, and 7 nites during the peak summer months; movie audio provided with localized FM radio broadcasts. Admission prices for their most-recent season (2014) were: $9 for Adults (ages 12&up); $5 for Children (ages 3-11); wee folk aged 3 and under admitted free.

GPS: Lat 42.06386 • Long -79.22240

[!]   The Park 60 did not operate during Season 2015 and Jamestown remains "dark" at the moment. But keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned for an update on its status, developments, or any prospect that it might-could be revived and reopened at some point during Season 2016 .. and whether or not you may be able to play a role in making that happen .. better to light a Drive-in than to curse the darkness!

LOCKPORT (Niagra County) 14094

Transit Drive-in: 716-625-8535

located at 6655 Transit Road
(Route 78) in Lockport, NY

From Buffalo: take {I-290} to Millersport North exit, and Millersport to Transit Road (78), turn left, and go 2 miles further to Drive-in (will be on the right).

The nearest outdoor cinema for Buffalo is also one of only three quads — 4screen Drive-ins in New York, among the 29 Drive-ins operating in the state this Season (the others being the Hi-way, near Catskill, and the Vintage, at Avon). It is also by capacity (1200 cars), New York's largest Drive-in Movie Theatre; although still very much a family-run enterprise. And that's a long story .. picture shows being an old tradition for the Cohen family, which acquired its first theatre in 1927 .. and then 3 others within the decade that followed. At that point they embarked on constructing their own theatre palace- the Stueben, in Hornell, NY. Later on, after acquiring the Allendale Theater in Buffalo, they went outdoors with the construction of their first Drive-in theatre (the Van Buren in Dunkirk, NY), and two years later, they opened the Sheridan Drive-in near Buffalo, which they would operate for 31 years. Six years after opening the Sheridan, they then purchased the Transit Drive-in (1957), which has been passed-down through 3 generations. Continually improved and expanded over the years (including the addition of a 19-hole miniature golf course for the amusement of early arrivals), the Transit is currently operated by the grandson of the founders of this theatre dynasty. It's four screens are lit with double-features, seasonally, April thru October; on weekends only in Spring & Fall, and 7 nites during the peak summer months. Movie audio is provided with localized FM radio brodcasts. Admission: $9 for Adults (ages 12&up); $4 for Children (ages 5-11); wee folk aged 4 and under are admitted free, as are any well behaved four-legged kids, so bring the Dog .. and bring-along your laptop or tablet (the Transit is also a free Wi-Fi hotspot).

GPS: Lat 43.10393 • Long -78.69670

LYONS FALLS (Lewis County) 13368

Valley Brook Drive-in: 315-348-6315

located hardly ¼ mile East of Route 12,
on Burdick's Crossing Road (C.R. 36),
in Lyons Falls, NY

Situated 10 miles south of Lowville,
and is approximately mid-pike between
Utica and Watertown, via Route 12

This modest solo screen Drive-in at the western edge of the Adirondack State Park, retains the semblance and sensibility of an old fashioned rural outdoor picture show — one of the last of a certain breed; Central Casting for perhaps another Peter Bogdanovich film. Hundreds like it in smallish towns and rural stretches across America remain only as skeletons, or less .. are but ghosts now haunting only memories. The Valley Brook has remained in continuous operation, seasonally, for more than 60 years (and through 3 generations within the same family), since the picture show first opened — back in 1952. The Drive-in has a capacity for up to 400 cars and its 64' wide screen is lit with a double feature, on Weekends only (Friday - Sunday), from May thru LaborDay weekend. Audio for the movies is being provided with a dual-band radio broadcast: on AM (600) as a courtesy to vintage car enthuiasts, and FM (88.9) for modern cars. And also true to its traditions and nodding to the nostalgia-minded, some of the original window speakers have been kept in service and are available for about 25% of the parking spaces. Ticket prices are also behind the times here. Apart from the fact that un-like the MultiPlex Cinemas which contributed to the overall decline of outdoor theatres, each ticket here includes a DOUBLE-feature presentation. That aside, Valley Brook also features THE most reasonable ticket prices of any Drive-in operating in New York state. Admission: $6 for adults (ages 12&up); only $2 for Children (ages 7-11); and free admission for Kids of ages 6 and under (all well behaved four-legged Kids are free and welcome here as well).

GPS: Lat 43.64401 • Long -75.34050

[!] TOEnote: and speaking of low Admission .. when Valley Brook first opened, lighting the screen with a Bing Crosby pic, backed-up with a Gene Autry Western on Memorial Day Weekend, 1952, Admission to that double-feature was only 60¢ per person 12&up (under 12 free).

MALTA — see: Ballston Spa, NY

MASSENA (St.Lawrence County) 13662

56 Auto Drive-in:   315-764-1250

Located 2 miles south of Massena, NY
and about 15 miles north of Potsdam,
at 9783 Route 56 (Andrews Street)

just north of Ridge Road (CR36)

The 56 is the northernmost outdoor cinema in New York (if you're going any further north .. think about bringing your passport!) and is the only Drive-in operating within St.Lawrence County. This old fashioned solo screen picture show has remained in operation in the north country for 61 consecutive seasons. They keep the BIG screen lit with a double feature, seasonally, from late April thru September; on weekends only early & late in their season, and then full-tilt every nite during peak summer season after School lets out and up-until LaborDay. Movie audio is provided with a localized FM radio broadcast. Admission: $7.50 for adults (ages 13&up); $3.50 for Children of ages 4-12 (CASH only); kids aged 3 and under are admitted free and four-legged family members as well.

GPS: Lat 44.895710 • Long -74.939796

[!] Born on the 'fourth' of July: the 56 opened the fourth weekend in July — on Friday, July 22nd, 1955 — lighting the screen with Disney's first-ever science fiction thriller: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, starring Kirk Douglas, James Mason, Peter Lorre, and Paul Lukas (127 min).

MIDDLEPORT (Niagara County) 13115

Sunset Drive-in:   716-735-7372

located at 9950 Telegraph Road (Route 31)
in Middleport, NY

East of Lockport, and approximately
35 mins NorthEast out of Buffalo, and
45 mins West of Rochester

One of New York's oldest continuously operated Drive-in Movie Theatres, the Sunset isn't just managing to carry on, it's carrying on a family tradition; for theirs and yours. If you're old enough to remember .. your parents might've taken you here, back when it was being run by the parents of the present day hosts & operators. And it has remained a family affair through 65 consecutive seasons — since the Sun first came up, back in 1950. And among other traditions maintained here, the Sunset still has the traditional playground to entertain the wee folk before showtime. Among other enhancements and improvements down through the years: there are now three screens, a lot of interesting and colorful antique pieces and nostalgic touches, plus a sit-down retro-deco diner restaurant (open daily from 4PM), with tables, booths, and even counter seating in an appropriately retro setting. The Picture Show begins as the name has always suggested — after the Sun sets (and plays to more than 900 cars), and with all three of their screens being lit with a double-feature. Audio for the Movies' soundtrack is provided via localized FM radio broadcast — Screen One: 104.9 FM; Screen Two: 103.7 FM; Screen Three: 105.5 FM. The Drive-in season here typically runs (weather willing) from mid April thru mid October. Admission: $9 for ages 12 and up; $4 for ages 5- 11; kids aged 4 and under are admitted free.

GPS: Lat 43.2036896 • Long -78.4702988

[!] Movies aside, and apart from offering custom-made pizzas and fresh pizza slices .. and besides having an exceptional SnackBar featuring way-more than the typical menu options, the Sun also rises ..   on their reputation for dishing-out some wicked Large Sub sandwiches.

MIDDLETOWN vicinity — see: Fair Oaks, NY

MILLBROOK vicinity — see: Poughkeepsie, NY

MINETTO (Oswego County) 13115

Midway Drive-in: 315-593-0699

located at 2475 Route 48
(mid-way between Fulton and Oswego)
to the south of Minetto, NY

One of the oldest Drive-ins in New York State (and also one of the best maintained), the Midway was originally built by the Canter brothers - Irving & Ruben, who opened their picture show in the Summer of 1948. It has remained in continuous operation for more than 6 decades; operated by its current owner since 1987. The Drive-in has a capacity for parking 600 cars at the traditional speaker poles, plus overflow parking in open areas beyond. The 80' wide screen is usually lit with a double-feature on weeknites, and triple features on weekends. Their Season runs from late-April or early May, thru late October; sometimes into November (weather willing); on weekends in Spring & Fall, 7 nites during peak season. Audio is provided with a localized FM stereo radio broadcast (87.9 FM), and for the devoutly nostalgic, classic Drive-in speakers are still available at poles in the first six rows. Admission: $8 for Adults (ages 12&up); $3 for Children (ages 7-11); Kids age 6 and under are admitted free.

GPS: Lat 43.3805122 • Long -76.4598389

[!] The SnackBar at the Midway exhibits more flair & imagination than the average Drive-in concession stand, and the custom pizzas made here are almost as popular as the movies. Save your ticket stubs; if your number is announced at Intermission, you'll win a large pizza.

NORTH HOOSIC (Rensselaer County) 12133

Hathaway's Drive-in:   518-659-6098

located at 4762 State Route 67,
in North Hoosic, NY

Close to the NY/VT border, 15 min west of Bennington, and approximately 45 minutes NorthEast of Troy, NY — Route 7 out of Troy, East by NE, until Route 22, then north on 22 about 6 miles (thru and beyond the village of Hoosic Falls, to North Hoosic), turning right at "T" intersection onto Rte.67 and continue ¼-mile to Drive-in, on right.

This rural solo screen outdoor cinema (first lit back in 1948) is a virtual time capsule. Apart from the technical enhancements, i.e., FM radio movie-audio (88.1 FM) augmenting and ultimately supplanting the traditional pole speakers (still evident); and the very recent replacement of venerable 35mm film projectors with industry-mandated digital projector, Hathaway's provides not only an al fresco view of the movies, but a deja view of small town America back in the heydays of it's love affair with Drive-in Movies. There is a capacity here for up to 350 cars, seasonally; mid-April thru mid-October (on Weekends in Spring & Fall, and full-tilt 7 nites after School lets out .. and up until Labor Day Weekend). The big (70' wide) screen is always lit with a double-feature. Dogs are welcome (leashed when outside of your vehicle). Admission: $9 adults (12&up); $6 for seniors; $5 for ages 4-11; Kids aged 3 and under are admitted free.

GPS: Lat 42.9254837 • Long -73.3644485

[!]   Noteables: the ultra-fresh & home-made FrenchFries made to order here, and their Burgers (the stuff of local legend), made with fresh beef from Henry's Market in Bennington (or the ALT = BOCA veggie burgers, also on the menu).

ONEONTA vicinity — see: Unadilla, NY

PALATINE BRIDGE (Montgomery County) 13428

El Rancho Drive-in Theatre: 518-883-5735

located at 6070 Route 5 (West Grand Street),
in Palatine Bridge, NY

50 minutes West of Albany, NY
20 minutes West of Amsterdam, NY
5 miles NorthWest of Interstate 90 Exit 29

In continuous operation since its big (88' wide) screen was first lit (back in 1952), Palatine Bridge is one of those unexpected and to be cherished roadside anomalies. That it   has   managed to survive at all (bypassed by the Interstate and without benefit of frontage & visibility along a major highway), well off the proverbial path, sequestered within what is still predominantly a farming community .. the fact that its solo screen has remained lit through 63 consecutive seasons, is testimony to an enduring appreciation for this classic but modest old fashioned outdoor Picture Show. Palatine Bridge has a capacity for up to 300 cars, during a season which generally runs April thru October (weather-willing); on Friday & Saturday nites in Spring & Fall, and full-tilt 7 nites during the peak Summer season, after Schools let out and up until Labor Day. They light their BIG screen with a double feature, and audio is provided with a localized radio broadcast (90.5 FM). Admission (CASH only): $8 adults (ages 12&up); $4 for Children aged 3-11; Kids aged 2 & under are admitted free, and well-behaved dogs are welcome too.

GPS: Lat 42.918766 • Long -74.5930405

PERRY (Wyoming County) 14530

Silver Lake Twin Drive-in Theatre:


located at 7037 Chapman Avenue, in Perry, NY

off of Route 39   (known locally as:
Pine Tavern Road, and: South Main Street)

east of Buffalo, and south of Rochester, NY

Originally a worn-out and run-down small town solo screen near the eastern shore of Silver Lake .. that had gone 'dark' by the point that the family which currently owns and operates it had acquired it (back in 1966); the old Picture Show at Silver Lake became New York's first resurrection, and harbinger of an eventual Drive-in Movie renaissance. Meanwhile, the new owners didn't simply restore and re-open the Drive-in; they imaginatively and substantially re-invented it. Improved down through two generations, and with the expansion and operations becoming a family tradition (for both theirs and yours); handed down from the pioneering Father to the entrepreneurial Son, Silver Lake has expanded through the years to become one of the most elaborate and best run Drive-in Movie Theatres in America. They have also managed to do it without garishly altering or detracting from the inherent appeal of its attractive rural venue. Apart from the imaginative set-dressing and thematic deco aspects (better seen than described), the amenities and accentuations on their 18-acre property include: a classic 18-hole miniature golf layout, full restaurant, a pizzeria, and an ice cream parlor (open from 11am, 7 days a week). But the SHOW is the thing — and as Drive-in Movie Theatre, they are lighting each of their 2 BIG screens with a double feature, seasonally, April thru October. Early and late in their season (Spring & Fall), they are open Weekends only; and then go full-tilt 7 nites after Memorial Day and thru Labor Day during the peak Summer season. Audio for the outdoor movies is provided with a localized radio broadcast (Screen One: 104.9 FM | Screen Two: 100.9 FM). Admission: $8 for ages 11 & up; $4 for Children of ages 4-10; kids aged 3 & under are admitted free. Credit and DebitCards are not accepted (but there are 2 ATM machines on the premises).

GPS: Lat 42.69915 • Long -78.01691

PORTVILLE (CattaraugusCounty) 14770

Portville Drive-in Theatre: 716-933-8750

located at 357 Route 417, in Portville, NY

South-east of Olean, and just south of the Village of Portville (Route 417 is known locally as: South Main Street, as it leaves town, and then aka: Portville-Ceres Road, as it continues to the Drive-in)

Coming late to the proverbial Party, the rural Portville Drive-in was constructed amidst 22 acres of rolling hills and meadows in south-western New York, near the Pennsylvania state line .. and on the wane side of America's Drive-in boom (7 years after the peak year for New York's Drive-ins). Remaining in operation ever since, it has also more than made-up for the late start, Originally as a solo screen outdoor cinema when its BIG screen was first lit (back in 1970), the Portville is currently a state of the art twin-screen Drive-in Movie Theatre, equipped with digital sound and projection. They are open seasonally, April thru September (on Weekends only in Spring & Fall, and then full-tilt 7 nites during the peak Summer months). They are lighting each of their 2 screens with a double feature. Screen One is the biggest of their screens — if you're a stickler for always trying to see the larger picture (BTW: something you can forget about doing at an indoor multiplex). Movie audio is provided with a localized radio broadcast (Screen One: 90.7 FM | Screen Two: 106.9 FM). Admission: $7 for ages 12 & up; $2 for Children of ages 5-11; kids aged 4 & under are admitted free, as are Well-behaved four-legged kids (but must remain leashed when out of your vehicle).

GPS: Lat 42.02150 • Long -78.32997

POUGHKEEPSIE (Dutchess County) 12603

Overlook Drive-in: 845-452-3445

located at 126 Degarmo Road (at Overlook Road), in Poughkeepsie, NY

From Taconic Parkway, exit to Rte 55 (Poughkeepsie), and continue west for 5½ miles (9 lites) & turn right at CountyRoute 46 (Overlook Road). Continue 1.2 miles on Overlook Road, to Drive-in entrance, on the left .

East of the Hudson River, this is the nearest operating Drive-in for Manhattan and metro NYC, and for those who believe that for a picture worth seeing, it's worth seeing the largest picture .. THIS is the largest movie screen of any kind for the New York metropolitan area. It has remained lit seasonally and consecutively since 1949. And speaking of getting the larger picture, no other Drive-in in the tri-state area provides a better view of the Drive-in experience as it looked during the heyday of America's love affair with Cinema al fresco — when the vast grass field beneath the huge screen (as tall as a 6-story building) is dotted with hundreds of people outside of their cars on summer weekends .. on blankets and lawnchairs at this 12-acre site well-bordered by tall trees on all sides. The Overlook has a capacity for up to 750 cars (despite it's above-average capacity, do plan on arriving early on the peak season weekends for a spot!). The screen is always lit with a double-feature, for less than a single movie costs at most indoor theatres. The traditional Drive-in pole speakers have been replaced by radio broadcast (87.9 FM). They are open seasonally, from mid-April to mid-October, every nite of the week. Admission: $9 for adults (ages 12&up); $6 for Children (ages 5-11); wee folk 4&under admitted free. The most popular item at the SnackBar here: their char-broiled BlackAngus burgers served on a crispy KaiserRoll. Monday night is Bargain Night, when they feature a reduced admission ($3 off the usual adult ticket price). TicketBooth is CASH only (altho CreditCards are accepted at the SnackBar).

GPS: Lat 41.67727 • Long -73.89060

ROCHESTER vicinity — see:   Avon, NY • Middleport, NY

SARATOGA vicinity — see: Ballston Spa, NY • Glens Falls, NY

SELKIRK vicinity — see: Glenmont, NY

SYRACUSE vicinity —   see: Auburn, NY (Fingerlakes Drive-in)
   and: Minetto, NY (Midway Drive-in)

UNADILLA (Otsego County) 13849

Unadilla Drive-in Theatre: 607-369-2000

located at 1706 Route 7, in Unadilla, NY

1½ miles east of town, on Route 7

Close & convenient to I-88 (Exit 11),
and then west on Route 357 to Route 7

approximately 15 minutes southwest of Oneonta, or, 50 minutes northeast of Binghamton

The last of Otsego County's three Drive-in Movie Theatres, the Unadilla is a rural solo screen with a capacity for up to 500 cars, first lit back in 1956 (with an Alan Ladd / Victor Mature double-feature). They're still lighting the big screen with double features, seasonally, May thru LaborDay (Friday & Saturday evenings at first; then Fri/Sat and Sunday, beginning Memorial Day weekend; and usually 5 nites of the week after school lets out and thru LaborDay weekend (closed on Mondays & Tuesdays). Movie audio is provided with a localized radio broadcast (107.9 FM). Admission: $7 for ages 12 & up; $6 for Seniors; $4 for Children of ages 5-11; kids aged 4 and under are admitted free. Gate and TicketBooth are open from 7pm on.

GPS: Lat 42.34547 • Long -75.28416

UTICA vicinity — see: Broadalbin, NY

WARWICK (Orange County) 10990

Warwick Drive-in: 845-986-4440

11 Warwick Turnpike (off Route 94), in Warwick, NY

From New York State Thruway {87}: take Exit 15A (Sloatsburg/Suffern), turn left at end of exit ramp, onto Route 17 North. Continue north thru Sloatsburg and Tuxedo on Rte.17, and 2 miles north of Tuxedo take left exit to Sterling Forest/Greenwood Lake (17A). In the town of Greenwood Lake, veer to right at "Y" intersection (still on 17A), and make a left at the next "Y" intersection, to follow 17A into Warwick, to a "T" intersection, turning left at that lite, onto Rte 94 West. Continue through Warwick on 94 approximately 1 mile (to ShopRite on left); just past past ShopRite plaza, turn left towards Upper Greenwood Lake. Entrance to Drive-in will be about 200 yards uphill, on the left.

It's the stuff dreams are made of ..   Frank Seeber got started in the Drive-in business as a teenager out at the old Tri-States Drive-in (Matamoras, PA), now gone (Hello PriceChopper Shoppers!). Even then he talked of maybe someday having his own PictureShow .. a dream he eventually realized many years later, in 1977, after purchasing the Warwick Drive-in. Originally a 5-acre pasture hosting a 70' wide solo screen, with a capacity for up to 350 cars when it first opened in 1950, Frank acquired additional acreage for it, doubling the size of the Drive-in and added a second screen. The Warwick has remained in continuously operation, and the dream remains intact (and now with 3 screens). Over decades that have been marked by the rise of the Mall Culture and consequent demise of many thousands of Mom & Pop operations across America (and nearly 90% of our Drive-ins included), the Warwick remains lit, and still in the same family — Frank and his wife, Ann, retired after their 20th season, and it is now operated by one of their daughters and her family. They light each of their 3 screens with a double feature, seasonally, from mid-March thru October, every nite of the week. Warwick is also the 1st of New York's nearly 30 Drive-in Cinemas to re-open each Season (typically, the weekend after St.Patty's Day). The audio for the movies is provided with a localized FM radio broadcast. Admission: Adults $10.00 (ages 12&up); for Children (ages 4-11) and Seniors, tickets are discounted to $7.00; and wee folk under age 4 are admitted free.

GPS: Lat 41.23582 • Long -74.38650

[!] The Warwick is the nearest operating Drive-in theatre for Rockland County (NY) and northern New Jersey residents, and one of 2 Drive-ins still operating in Orange County (the other is: Fair Oaks). If arriving early (definitely advisable on peak summer weekends), the SnackBar opens early, and bring along your Laptop or Tablet .. the Warwick also provides free WiFi for Internet access.

WATERTOWN vicinity — see: Black River, NY

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