Arkansas Drive-ins

Back during the 1950's heyday for outdoor cinema,
Arkansas was host to more than 50 Drive-in theatres.
Since that time, 95% of those Drive-ins have gone dark or
were demolished. Only 3 remain that we can enjoy & support.

  • De Queen (Sevier County) Arkansas
    De Queen Drive-in:  870-642-2023  GONE
    formerly located on Highway 70 East

    It's now a sales lot for new & used mobile homes.

    photo: Rick Hasley
     112 Drive-in Theatre 
 Fayetteville, Arkansas
 by Rick Hasley

  • Fayetteville (Washington County) Arkansas
    112 Drive-in:  479- 442-4542
    located at 3352 Highway 112 North
    (between Fayetteville and Springdale)

    Single screen showing double features weekends only (Fri-Sun)
    and on occasional Mondays such as Memorial Day and Labor Day;
    and also on Thursday evenings when school is not in session; open
    mid-March thru mid-November. Broadcasts the movies' soundtrack
    locally in FM Stereo (105.3). BoxOfc opens 1hr before dark/ShowTime.
    Admission: $6 per carload (covers both movies, for all passengers).

    photo: Phillip Cary
     Kenda Drive-in Theatre 
 Marshall, Arkansas
 by Phillip Cary

  • Marshall (Searcy County) Arkansas
    Kenda Drive-in Theatre:  870- 448-2393
    located off Route 65 - 1mi n. of town square

    Operated by the same family that built it back in 1966,
    the Kenda was named after the owner's daughter, and
    is the only Arkansas Drive-in open year round - 5 nites
    (closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays). It is also the
    only operating American Drive-in that has a viewing
    lounge adjacent to the snack bar with indoor seating
    (was one in Florida - bulldozed courtesy of WalMart).
    Their 72' wide screen is lit-up with a single first-run
    feature each nite, and movie audio is still provided
    here exclusively with traditional Drive-in speakers.
    Admission: $3.50 per person (age 11 and under free);
    occasionally, with certain kids' films: $1.75 for kids.

  • Mountain View (Stone County) Arkansas
    Stone Drive-in:  870-269-3227
    located on Highway 87 North (within city limits)

    Shorty Thompson and his wife Ruby opened-up this single-screen
    Ozoner in 1965; with Ruby taking over after Shorty passed on in '72
    and it has remained in the same family all these years; run now
    by their son, Bobby and his wife Christie.  The Stone Drive-in is
    open March-November and screens a single feature film all 7 nites.
    They still have traditional drive-in speakers; ADM: $4 (age 12 & up).

  • Nashville (Howard County) Arkansas
    Howard Drive-in:  Demolished
    formerly located off of Route 27

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