Drive-ins of Mississippi

The number of outdoor theatres within the state of Mississippi
increased steadily through the 1940's & 50's, peaking with about
70 Drive-in movie theatres operating by 1959. Twenty years later,
more than half were gone .. and their number has continued to fall
precipitously over the years .. with one of the highest attrition rates
of any of the American Drive-in states.  96% of Mississippi's Drive-ins
have gone dark or been demolished, and now only a precious few remain.

Here are the remaining Drive-ins that you can enjoy and support:

  • Guntown (Lee County) Mississippi
    Guntown Drive-in Movie:  662-348-5767
    located at 124 Road 773

    Solo screen, currently shows two features nitely.
    Admission:   $5 adults; Children 12&under free.

    Photo: Damon Breland
 Hattiesburg, Mississippi 
 by Damon Breland

  • Hattiesburg (Forrest County) Mississippi
    Beverly Drive-in:  601-544-4101
    located on Highway 49, south of town

    The Beverly first opened on May 29th, 1948, lighting-up the screen
    with a single feature: Swell Guy  starring Sonny Tufts and Ann Blyth,
    for a 39cent admission. Named after the owners' daughter, the Beverly
    was the second Drive-in to open up in the state of Mississippi. In March
    of 1979 an additional screen was added, making it a twin-screen venue,
    but then, on the unlucky 13th of September that year, Hurricane Frederic
    came to the Drive-in, and ..  gone with the wind!  The Beverly recovered
    and reopened a few months later, but was dealt another blow with the
    death of its owner, Herbie Hargroder.  His wife Sue managed to keep
    the old screen lit for a couple more seasons, but finally leased-out the
    Drive-in to operators outside of the family- Theatres Unlimited  in the
    spring of '82. Mrs. Hargroder was disenchanted with the way that TU
    was running things (into the ground), and two years later terminated
    their operating agreement. The Beverly was then dark for the next
    couple of seasons, reopening in 1986, but then going again in '87.

    After being dark for 15 years-  (aside from opening periodically in
    recent years for one-nite stands, with the proceeds benefitting the
    Association of Retarded Children);  the Beverly is operating again
    as of May 18th, 2001, screening a double feature on each of their
    2 screens; the older of which is 105' wide.  (Sadly, Mrs. Hargroder,
    known affectionately by Drive-in fans over the years as  Miss Sue,
    passed away on February 20, 1998, at the age of 75, and would not
    live to see the Beverly in operation again).  And that it is, comes as
    welcome news to Drive-in fans and a nice tribute to the memory of
    Herb & Sue.  The 'new' Beverly Drive-in is open 7 nites, year-round.
    Audio for the Drive-in is being provided with FM radio broadcast.
    Admission:  Ages 12 & above: $6;  ages 6-11: $4;  under 5 free.

    Photo: Dixon Hayes
     Iuka Drive-in  
 Iuka, Missisippi 
 by: Dixon Hayes

  • Iuka (Tishomingo County) Mississippi
    Iuka Drive-in Theatre:  662-423-2153
    located on West Quitman Street

    Solo screen, lit-up with two features
    3 nites of the week (closed Sunday);
    open Friday, Saturday, and Monday.
    Admission: $5 adults; 10&under free.

  • Pontotoc (Pontotoc County) Mississippi
    Pontotoc Drive-in:   DARK
    located at 440 Highway 6 West

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