Missouri Drive-ins

    Photo: Charles Pratt, Jr.
     Sunset Drive-in 
 Aurora, Missouri 
 by Charles Pratt, Jr.

  • Aurora (Lawrence County) Missouri
    Sunset Drive-in:  417-678-6609
    located at 1601 East Church Street

    The Sunset marked it's 50th anniversary last season,
    having first opened in 1951 as a solo-screen venue
    with a capacity for just over 300 cars. They are
    open seasonally, April thru September, lighting
    the screen with two first-run features each nite.
    Admission:  $4 per person  (free if under age 6).

  • Buffalo (Dallas County) Missouri
    Highway 65 Drive-in:    GONE
    formerly located on Rural Route 2

  • Butler (Bates County) Missouri
    Sky-Vue Drive-in:   CLOSED
    formerly located on Highway 71 South

  • Cadet (Washington County) Missouri
    Starlite Drive-in:  314-438-4974
    located on Highway 21 (RR2), south of I-270

    Twin-screen venue that opened in 1952, which has a
    capacity for up to 700 cars; audio system:  FM radio;
    screening a double feature each nite on each screen.
    Admission: Adults (age 12 and up) $5; children 5-11 $2.
    Flea Market Swapmeet held here every weekend, on
    Saturdays and Sundays, from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

     66 Drive-in Theatre  
 Carthage, Missouri

  • Carthage (Jasper County) Missouri
    66 Drive-in:  417-359-5959
    located at 17231 Old 66 Boulevard

    Originally opening in the early days of America's
    postwar Drive-in boom, in 1949, the 66 went dark
    as eventually most Drive-ins did, after the boom
    had gone bust. But the story of the 66 didn't end
    in darkness. In one of the most ambitious efforts
    of the dozens that have succeeded in resurrecting
    abandoned Drive-ins (one that involved excavation
    even more than restoration), the old 66 was brought
    back from the brink, and reopened in 1997. Now open
    seasonally, the big screen is lit with double features
    and the audio is provided by local FM radio broadcast.
    Admission: Adults (age 13 & up) $5.00; children- $1
    (12 & under); no charge if the child is in a car seat.

    Photo: Justin West
     Highway 19 Drive-in 
 Cuba, Missouri 
 by Justin West

  • Cuba (Crawford County) Missouri
    Highway 19 Drive-in:  573-885-7752
    located north of intersection of I-44 & Route 19

    Solo screen with a grass field that has been lit
    since 1954, and has a capacity for up to 250 cars.
    Some traditional speakers remain, plus radio sound.

    Photo: Justin West
     Sunset Drive-in 
 Houston, Missouri 
 by Justin West

  • Houston (Texas County) Missouri
    Sunset Drive-in:  417-967-4142
    located at 16657 Highway B  (¼mi east of Hwy.63)

    The big screen at the Sunset Drive-in was first lit-up on
    May 10th, 1951, at the beginning of the Drive-in boom ..
    but eventually, like so many others, the screen went
    dark. It's story however didn't end there. The Sun also
    rises .. it was restored, revived, and reopened in 2001.
    Open seasonally, May thru October, with a capacity for
    up to 150 cars. Audio:  traditional speakers & FM radio.
    Admission:  Adults (12&up) $5;  age 10 & under free;
    Wed: CramEm and JamEm Night  ($10 per Carload).

  • Independence (Jackson County) Missouri
    Twin Drive-in:  816-257-2234
    located on Highway 291 @ Kentucky Road
    aka: 110 W. Maple Avenue (metro Kansas City)

    Screening a double feature on each of 2 screens.
    Late show presented on Fridays & Saturdays, with
    a repeat 2nd screening of the first movie scheduled.
    Admission: $6 for adults;  ages 11 and under free.

  • Jennings (St.Louis County) Missouri
    see:   Saint Louis

    Photo: Justin West
     I-70 Drive-in Theatre 
 Kansas City, Missouri 
 by Justin West

  • Kansas City (Jackson County) Missouri -
    I-70 Drive-in Theatre:  816-861-0500
    located at 8701 E. Highway 40 (adjacent to I-70)

    This is Missouri's largest Drive-in, with four big
    screens showing double features on each, and
    an overall capacity for up to 1200 cars. Their neon
    marquee, mounted atop a scaled-down replica of the
    famous St.Louis arch is really one of the great Drive-in
    marquees, but in several respects, management here
    has a good thing going, and despite the expansion,
    makes an obvious effort to remember 'small' things
    that help to inject and maintain the nostalgic flavor
    at the I-70 Drive-in; ranging from screening classic
    intermission trailers, to playing vintage field tunes.
    In fact, there are still working Dr'in speakers here,
    an option to audio provided by FM radio broadcast.

  • Kansas City (Jackson County) Missouri
    63rd Street Drive-in:   DARK
    located at 8200 East 63rd Street

  • see also:   Kansas City, Kansas

    Photo: Butler Felts
     Barco Drive-in  
 Lamar, Missouri 
 by Butler Felts

  • Lamar (Barton County) Missouri
    Barco Drive-in:  417-682-2434
    located on Highway 160 East - aka -
    also known as: 57 South East 25th Lane

    Originally: the Barco StarVue Drive-in when it
    opened, in 1951, with a capacity for 200 cars.
    Currently, the Barco has half of the name and
    double the capacity, and is open seasonally,
    April thru October.

    Photo: Dan Arnold
     Macon Drive-in  
 Macon, Missouri 
 by Dan Arnold

  • Macon (Macon County) Missouri
    Macon Drive-in:  660-385-3417
    located at 32506 Highway 63 South
    (1 blk south of Macon city limits on Hwy 63)

    The Macon Drive-in has been operated continuously by
    the Arnold family since it opened on October 1st, 1952.
    The movie projectors that are in use at the Macon and
    the 56' wide screen are the same ones that have been
    providing the picture show here for almost 50 years.
    All of the Macon's 306 speakers, and the marquee,
    are true originals. The less nostalgically inclined
    also have the option of listening to their movies
    by tuning to 103.5 FM on their car radios. The old
    screen is lit with double features, weekends only.
    Admission:  Adults $4; Children $2;   3&under free.

  • Moberly (Randolph County) Missouri
    Moberly Five-and-Drive:  660-263-8100
    located at 3000 North Morley (Highway 63)

    Originally the Highway 63 Drive-in opened at this
    location in 1950, and had a run of 35 years, before
    going dark for 12 years. Original buildings are gone,
    but the screen from the Highway 63 remains, and it
    was re-lit in the spring of '97, so a Drive-in continues
    to operate on the site of the original 65, and shares a
    projection booth with a multi-screen cinema that was
    constructed on the property. This is also one of the few
    instances of a "MoPed" operation- where a Drive-in is
    in operation in conjunction with a pedestrian walk-in
    movie theatre on same premises. Indoors: 5 screens;
    Drive-in has 1 screen, and a capacity for 300 cars.
    Admission:  Adults $6.25;  Children $4.25

    Photo: Darren Snow
     Pine Hill Drive-in 
 Piedmont, Missouri 
 by Darren Snow

  • Piedmont (Wayne County) Missouri
    Pine Hill Drive-in:  573-223-2420
    located on Highway 34

    The rural setting and grass field, lushly bordered
    and framed with lots of trees, combining with the
    lingering presence of traditional Drive-in speakers
    (there is FM here too if you prefer), allows a sense
    of somewhere else in Time at this sweet little Dr'in
    which has been in operation since 1953. They have
    a capacity for up to 300 cars; are open seasonally,
    May - September, with 1 movie nitely; weekends only.

    Photo: Norman Plant
     North Twin Drive-in  
 St. Louis, Missouri 
 by Norman Plant

  • Saint Louis (St.Louis County) Missouri
    North Twin Drive-in:   GONE
    formerly located at 9425 Lewis & Clark Blvd.

    No family operating a Drive-in had been in the
    movie theatre business longer than the family
    which owned & operated St.Lou's last Drive-in.
    They had been running picture shows since great
    grandad Fred set out 96 kitchen chairs in front
    of the projector in a vacant hall nextdoor to his
                Wehrenberg's Grocery and Saloon, 
 St. Louis, Missouri    (circa: 1906)
    saloon in 1906 (the saloon doubled as a sort-of
    snackbar for his Cherokee Theatre), and 'audio'
    for the otherwise silent movies was provided by
    Fred's wife, Gertrude, at the piano. They went on
    to open Missouri's first outdoor cinema, called
    the Airdome, and later were to construct the 1st
    building in St.Louis built exclusively as a cinema.
    In 1948, Fred Wehrenberg, together with his son-
    in-law, Paul Krueger, built the first of the family's
    several Drive-ins, and named it Ronnie's Drive-in,
    after Fred's grandson, Paul Krueger's 6year old.
    The North Drive-in followed, and 26 years after it
    opened, a 2nd screen was added. 26 years after
    that, amidst Bankruptcy proceedings coinciding
    with the closing of their several walk-in cinemas,
    the family's only remaining Drive-in (as well as the
    last outdoor Picture Show in St.Louis County) was
    destined to be sold-off to real estate developers.

  • Sedalia (Pettis County) Missouri
    Sedalia Drive-in:  660-829-4000
    located on Highway 50

    Solo screen Dr'in that had gone dark, but which
    was restored & resurrected, and reopened in 1990.

    Photo: Justin West
     Owen Drive-in Theatre 
 Seymour, Missouri 
 by Justin West

  • Seymour (Webster County) Missouri
    Owen Drive-in:  417-935-2232
    located on Owen Drive (off Hwy 60) east of town

    Missouri's smallest Drive-in is an old solo screen
    grass field venue with a capacity for just about
    80 cars, which has hung in there since 1950. The
    Owen is open seasonally, April thru September.

  • Springfield (Greene County) Missouri
    Holiday Drive-in:   DARK
    located at 2829 East Kearney Street

  • Van Buren (Carter County) Missouri
    21 Drive-in:  573-945-2121
    located on Highway 21 North

    This is a large solo screen Dr'in with a capacity
    for over 700 cars, which had gone dark, but was
    restored and resurrected, and reopened in 1997.
    Currently screening double features; wknds only.

  • Webb City (Jasper County) Missouri
    Webb City Drive-In Theatre:  GONE
    formerly located at 1104 South Madison

    now the site of a Wal-Mart Supercenter.

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