! The TK-Starlite Drive-in's Future is Uncertain at This Point

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The TK-Starlite Drive-in's Future is Uncertain at This Point

by Released : 2022-06-03

Screen at TK-Starlite Drive-in

The TK-Starlite Drive-in is a single screen drive-in movie theater located in Neligh, Nebraska which is a rural area located in the northeast of the state. The TK-Starlite is the oldest of Nebraska's remaining 5 drive-in theaters and was opened back in 1952.  They generally operate seasonally from April thru September.  However, the TK-Starlite Drive-in closed in July of 2021 and has not -re-opened since. 

In July of 2021, the TK-Starlite posted on their Facebook page that they were closing permanently.  Later, in another post, they stated it was a misunderstanding and instead of closing permanently, they were just closing for the rest of the 2021 drive-in season.  Both of those posts have since been deleted but the TK-Starlite did in fact stay closed for the rest of the 2021 season.

In May of 2022, there was still no update from the TK-Starlite Drive-in and their website was taken offline.  We then moved them to the “permanently closed” status.  However, on June 1 of 2022, the TK-Starlite announced on their Facebook page that they would not open in 2022 but that they would re-open in 2023.  We are leaving them in the "Closed" status for now but we will follow their progress and re-classify the TK-Starlite Drive-in to “Open” if they do in fact re-open in 2023.

There were no reasons given in any of the posts as to why they were closing but many drive-ins have struggled since 2021 with a lack of new movies to show, increased supply and staff cost and just a shortage of certain products.  There have already been seven drive-ins that have announced they are closing permanently so far this year with several others that have not opened with no explanation or indication of their future. 

Hopefully the TK-Starlite will in fact re-open in 2023 as we would hate to lose this classic 1950’s drive-in theater.  If you love drive-ins and want to help support them as well as stay up to date on drive-in news, please visit and Like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/driveinmoviepage/