Ohio Drive-ins

Ohio got off to an early start, hosting one of the
first 10 drive-in theatres in America - the Starlight
Auto Theatre, (which opened June of 1937) at Akron.
Within ten years, Ohio had more than 80 drive-ins,
then peaked (later than most states) in the late 60's
with some 189 drive-in movie theatres in operation.

In the years since, the state has seen a decline of 80%
in the number of drive-ins, yet Ohio still remains
among the top 5 drive-in states in America.

  • Akron (Summit County) Ohio
    Gala Twin Drive-in:  GONE
    formerly located at 2215 East Waterloo

    * in this burg that was home to the very first of Ohio's
    many outdoor cinemas, we've lost yet another drive-in ..
    but hey-  we're gaining another housing development!

  • Amelia (Clermont County) Ohio
    Starlite Drive-in:  513-734-4001
    located at 2255 Ohio Pike - aka: Route 125
    (east of Cincinnati, between Amelia & Bethel)

    Single-screen venue with a capacity for half a thousand cars;
    open seasonally, April thru October; weekends only during the
    spring and fall; 7 nites during peak season. They're screening
    double features each nite, and use AM & FM radio for the audio.
    Admission: $5 adults; $2 for ages 4-11; on Tuesdays: $10/carload.

  • Andover (Ashtabula County) Ohio
    Pymatuning Lake Drive-in:  440-293-7757
    located on Route 7 (5863 Beach Street) at Marvin Road

    Popular single-screen venue open weekends only (Fri-Sat-Sun);
    screening double features of first run films, with the audio for
    movies' soundtrack provided by both the traditional Drive-in
    speakers and AM radio broadcast. Admission: $4.50 for each
    adult, and $1 for the wee folk under age 10. There is also a
    Flea Market held here on weekends (Sat/Sun) from 9am-5pm.

  • Barberton (Summit County) Ohio
    Magic City Drive-in:  330-825-4333
    located at 5602 S. Cleveland / Massillon Road

    Twin-screen venue open seasonally, April thru October
    (Their front screen is the older and larger of the two).
    Open 7 nites during peak season, and weekends only
    in spring & fall. They offer you a choice from two pairs
    of firstrun feature films for you to see each nite .. and
    a choice as to how you wish to hear the movies - either
    classic (pole speakers) or contemporary (via FM radio).
    Admission: 1 ticket for all passengers .. $12 per carload.


  • Brookville (Montgomery County) * Dayton suburbs
    Melody 49 Drive-in:  937-833-5015
    TollFree: 888-635-6394

    located on Route 49 North, off of I-70
    (aka: 7606 Pleasant Plains Road)

    Melody came late to the party - originally a large solo screen
    that went up well after the peak of America's drive-in boom,
    and now a deuce (the original screen is the larger of the two).
    They're lit-up every nite during peak season, screening double
    features, and they offer a bonus repeat screening of the 1st film
    on Friday and Saturday nites after the co-feature (same price).
    Admission: $6 for each adult; free for children 11 and under.

  • Celina (Mercer County) Ohio
    Lake Drive-In:  419-394-4296
    located at 8477 Route 703

    Single-screen venue located about 1 hour north of
    Dayton; open seasonally, May thru September, only
    on the weekends (Fri-Sat-Sun). They are screening
    double features; audio provided via AM (530) radio.
    Admission: all passengers for 1 price - $6/carload.

  • Chardon (Geauga County) Ohio
    Mayfield Road Drive-in:  440-286-7173
    located at 12010 Mayfield Road
    (Route 322, east of Route 306)

    The Mayfield Road is a solo screen which was first lit
    in 1969 and remains open seasonally, 7 nites a week in
    peak season (Memorial Day thru Labor Day); and only on
    weekends in spring & fall. Double features are screened
    each nite and the audio is provided via FM (101.5) radio.
    Admission: all passengers for 1 price - $13 per carload.

  • Cincinnati (Hamilton County)   see:   Oakley, Ohio

  • Cincinnati   see also:   Russellville, Ohio

  • Cleveland (Cuyahoga County) Ohio
    Memphis Drive-in:  216-941-2892
    located at 10543 Memphis Avenue, just outside
    Cleveland, near I-71 (between Linndale & Brooklyn)

    The Memphis opened up right in the middle of America's
    Drive-in boom, back in 1954, and presently has three
    screens; each lit-up with double features each nite,
    and a bonus repeat screening of the main feature on
    Friday & Saturday nites. The huge 1000-car facility
    still provides audio for the movies' soundtrack with
    traditional speakers as well as via FM stereo radio.
    Admission: $6.50 per adult; children under age 11 free.
    There is also a good-sized flea market swap meet here
    on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays (75¢ admission).

 Cleveland, Ohio

  • Cleveland (Cuyahoga County) Ohio
    Miles Drive-in:   216-662-1090  DARK
    located at 19001 Miles Road

    Huge single-screen venue that opened up in 1953 with a
    capacity for up to 1000 cars .. it's presently dark and is up
    for sale. The handsome monolithic deco screen tower is
    impressive - even unlit, although it was well-designed
    to be highly accentuated in neon at night. We just hope
    there's light at the end of the time tunnel and this classic
    Drive-in will be revived rather than paved-over when sold.

  • Columbus (Franklin County) Ohio
    South Drive-in:  614-491-6771
    located at 3050 S. High Street (1mi north of I-270)

    The South is a popular deuce with a capacity for over 700 cars,
    screening double features on each of its two screens. They also do
    a bonus repeat screening of their main features on the weekends.
    Open May thru September; Admission: $7.00 adults; under 11 free.

  • Columbus   see also:   Reynoldsburg, Ohio

  • Dayton (Montgomery County) Ohio
    Sherwood Twin Drive-in:   DARK
    located at 5363 West 3rd Street

  • Dayton (Montgomery County) Ohio
    Belmont Auto Theatre:   GONE
    located at 2060 County Line Road  

  • Dayton (Montgomery County) Ohio
    Melody 49 Twin Drive-in   see:  Brookville

  • Delaware (Delaware County) Ohio
    Kingman Drive-in:   DARK
    located at 229 Cheshire Road, off Route 23
    (9mi north of I-270 :-: 2mi south of town)

    The Kingman was a popular solo screen venue which
    was screening double features every nite of the week
    during peak season (weekends only in spring & fall);
    special bonus repeat screening of their main feature
    on Fri/Sat/Sun nites. Admission: $6.50 per adult, and any
    children under 11 years of age were admitted at no charge.
    (The Flea Market here on wknds showcased over 250 dealers).
    Their screen went dark after the Last Picture Show- Oct.27 '01.

  • Fairborn (Greene County) Ohio
    Skyborn Drive-in:  937-878-5022
    located on Route 235 @ Haddix Road

    Solo screen venue which is located adjacent to the
    Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, screening 1stRun
    double features seasonally May thru September.
    Admission: $6 per adult; free for ages under 11.

  • Gallipolis (Gallia County) Ohio
    Kanauga Drive-in:  740-446-1088
    located at 1483 Route 7 North

    Classic single screen Drive-in that has remained lit since
    1949 and still provides audio exclusively with traditional
    pole speakers. Open 4 nites of the week (Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon),
    seasonally, April thru September, screening double features.
    Admission: $4 for each adult; $1 for ages 6-11; under 5 free.
    Monday nite is Carload Nite - admission: $5 per carload.

  • Greenfield (Highland County) Ohio
    Ranch Drive-in:   DARK
    located at 12646 Centerfield Road

 Hamilton, Ohio

  • Hamilton (Butler County) Ohio
    Holiday Auto Theatre:  513-929-2999
    located at 1816 Old Oxford Highway - aka: Route 130
    (1 mile up hill from the Meijer store on Main Street)

    Originally lit-up back in 1948 as the Hamilton Outdoor Theatre,
    the large solo screen has been passed down through several
    owners over the years. The current owners purchased it in
    1985 and have made a major investment in refurbishing and
    embellishing the venerable venue, operating 7 nites a week
    year round. They're screening double features of first-run films
    each nite, usually accompanied by classic cartoons. Audio for
    the movies' soundtrack is provided by radio in stereo (95.5 FM).
    Admission: $7 for each adult; $2 for the wee folk of ages 4 - 11.

  • Jackson (Jackson County) Ohio
    Stardust Drive-in:   DARK
    located at 174 Athens Street

  • Kenton (Hardin County) Ohio
    Hi-Road Drive-in:  419-675-0922
    located at 8059 State Highway 68 North

    A solo screen on the Ohio nightscape since
    1940, this oldtimer was starting to show its
    age when the Miller family took the Hi-Road
    in 1999 and embarked on an ambitious series
    of improvements. Among them, the marqee was
    entirely refurbished and now makes a strong
    and festive first impression, and they plan to
    replace their existing 40' wide screen with
    a 70' screen in the near future. Movie audio is
    provided with (99.3) FM stereo radio broadcast.
    Open seasonally, March thru October; weekends
    in spring & fall; 7 nites during peak summer season.
    Admission:   12&up $6; ages 3-11 $2; 2&under free.

 Lancaster, Ohio

  • Lancaster (Fairfield County) Ohio
    SkyView Cruise-in Theatre:  740-653-5517
    * also has a toll-free telephone number:   877-286-6843
    located on Route 22 (2420 East Main Street)

    Among Ohio's oldest Drive-ins, this solo screen
    has been lit since 1948. It has been handed down
    through the years as a well maintained example of
    a very traditional Drive-in ..   quite naturally enough,
    considering that the current owner/operators here -
    since the spring of '94, were well prepared and knew
    what they were in for .. having worked the Skyview for
    three decades before acquiring it from the original and
    previous owner. Among nostalgic aspects of the Skyview
    are working traditional car-window speakers, in addition
    to movie audio provided with FM radio broadcasting. Open
    seasonally, screening two features for one low admission
    (April-October):   $4 for ages 12&up; ages 11 & under free.

  • Lima (Allen County) Ohio
    Sharon Drive-In:  419-999-6569
    located at 2951 West Elm Street

  • Lucasville (Scioto County) Ohio
    Scioto Breeze Drive-in:  740-259-2881
    located at 9959 Route 23

  • Mansfield (Richland County) Ohio
    Springmill Drive-in:  419-747-2156
    located at 1040 Springmill Street

  • Mansfield (Richland County) Ohio
    Sunset Drive-in:  419-529-5514
    located at 4018 Park Avenue West (Route 309)

    This old veteran opened during WWII midway between
    Columbus and Cleveland, with a capacity for just over
    600 cars. It remains open, seasonally, on weekends in
    spring & fall, and 7 nites during peak summer season.
    The 60' x 30' screen is lit-up each nite with a double
    bill of first run films. More than half of the parking
    spaces still have functional pole speakers. Audio for
    the movies' soundtrack is also served by AM (530) and
    FM (88.5) local vicinity radio broadcast. Admission: $4
    per adult; children under 11 years of age admitted free.

  • Maria Stein (Mercer County) Ohio
    Starlight Drive-in:  419-925-4944
    located at 1889 Route 127

  • Medway (Clark County) Ohio
    Park Layne Drive-in:  937-849-0551
    2550 South Dayton Lakeview Road (Rt.235)

  • Middle Point (Van Wert County) Ohio
    Van-Del Drive-In:  419-968-2178
    19986 Lincoln Highway - East Ridge Road

  • Middletown (Butler County) Ohio
    Dixie Cruse-in:   DARK
    (4029 South High Street)

  • Middletown (Butler County) Ohio
    Starglow Drive-in:   DARK
    located at 2835 Cincinnatti-Dayton Road

    The venerable Starglow dates back to the heydays of
    America's Drive-ins, and was a grand solo screen in its
    time ..   fading to black in 1987.   Oddly enough it looks
    like a Drive-in doing a brisk business with the tractor
    trailer truck crowd (and some Dr'ins actually do, when
    they can wrangle past the TixBooth and agree to park in
    the back row), but-   in the case of the Starglow, the lot
    was leased-out to a trucking firm. Still, the fact that all
    the basic elements are still there, the screen & tower,
    the concession/projector bldg., and, even the TixBooth,
    leads us to wonder whether or not there's a possibility
    that a subsequent tenant/owner may be able to revive it.

  • Midland (Clermont County) Ohio
    see listing under:  Amelia, OH

  • Nelsonville (Athens County) Ohio
    33 Drive-in Theatre:  GONE!
    formerly located on Route 33

    The show goes on here, but it ain't what it used to be:
    originally, a solo screen, under the stars, which went
    dark in 1993, and was subsequently demolished, so
    they could build a 10-screen indoor picture show.

  • New Carlisle (Clark County) Ohio
    Park Layne Drive-in Theatre:
    see listing under:  Medway, OH

    photo: Debra Sherman
     Aut-O-Rama Twin Drive-in 
 North Ridgeville, Ohio 
 by Debra Sherman

  • North Ridgeville (Lorain County) Ohio
    Aut-O-Rama Drive-in Theatre:  440-327-9595
    (local phone# for Cleveland area is:  440-734-1786)
    located between Elyria & Cleveland, off Ohio Tnpk.
    1 mile west of Exit-9, at 33395 Lorain Road

    The screen at the Aut-O-Rama Drive-in was first lit-up
    back in 1965 and has been operated continuously by
    the same family ever since. In 1972, the family had
    twins, and with the addition of their second screen
    it has been known as the Auto-O-Rama Twin Drive-in.
    The Aut-O-Rama was one of the first Ohio Drive-ins
    (and the  first in the Cleveland area)  to utilize local
    radio broadcasting to deliver movie audio track - AM
    initially, and presently, using FM radio stereo sound.
    They are open seasonally, from the beginning of April
    thru the end of September; on weekends only at the
    beginning and end of their season; open 7 nites for
    the peak summer months, Memorial Day - Labor Day.
    They are lighting both screens with double features;
    frequently offering first-run films, just as they break.
    Admission:  $7 for ages 12 and up; $1 for ages 4-11.

  • Norwalk (Huron County) Ohio
    Star View Drive-in:  419-668-1819
    located at 2083 Route 20 West, between
    Norwalk & Monroeville (8mi s. of I-90)

  • Oakley (Hamilton County) * Cincinnati suburbs
    Oakley Drive-in Theatre:  513-271-4600
    located at 5033 Madison Road
    (between Oakley & Madisonville)

    This single screen venue with a capacity for 1000 cars
    (located right off I-71) has a dependable following in the
    tri-state area, drawing crowds from Indiana & Kentucky,
    as well as Ohio. The current screen isn't quite as large
    as the original screen, which was destroyed by a twister
    in 1993, but remains as popular as ever. Four of the rows
    still have functional traditional Drive-in speakers besides
    FM (90.1) radio sound throughout. Admission: $6 per adult;
    children of ages 5-11 accompanied by an adult are $2 per.

  • Oregon (Lucas County) Ohio
    Sundance Kid Drive-in:  419-691-9668
    located at 4500 Navarre Avenue (Route 2)

     Midway Drive-in 
 Ravenna, Ohio

  • Ravenna (Portage County) Ohio
    Midway Drive-in:  330-296-9829
    located at 2736 Route 59

  • Reynoldsburg (Licking County) Ohio
    40 East Auto Theatre:  614-861-2665
    located at 8659 East Main Street {40}
    (on the outskirts of Columbus, east of I-270)

    Family-owned Drive-in which is one of three still
    owned and operated by a family which had once
    owned 7 of them in Ohio, and had opened the first
    one in central Ohio back in 1940. The 40 East is a
    twin-screener with a capacity for up to 400 cars;
    and is lighting each of its 2 screens with a double
    feature; open seasonally, from April - September.
    Movie audio provided by radio (91.5FM) broadcast.
    Admission: $7.00 (ages 12&up); 11 and under free.

  • Russellville (Brown County) Ohio  
    East Bend Drive-in:   937-373-1307
    located at 9897 State Route 125
    (38 miles from Cincinnati)

    Ohio's latest contribution to America's Drive-in renaissance
    is this solo screen Drive-in which opened-up July 20th, 2001.

  • Sandusky (Erie County) Ohio
    Sandusky Drive-in Theatre:  419-626-2748
    located at 3711 Cleveland Road

  • Sidney (Shelby County) Ohio
    Auto-Vue Drive-In:  937-492-5909
    located at 1409 Fourth Avenue

  • Springfield (Clark County) Ohio
    Melody Cruise-in:  513-324-5486
    located on Route 40 East

 Strasburg, Ohio

  • Strasburg (Tuscarawas County) Ohio
    Lynn Auto Theatre:  330-878-5797
    located at intersection of Routes 21 & 250

    Season 2002 is the Lynn's 66th consecutive season,
    which also makes it   the oldest   of Ohio's Drive-ins
    still in operation, and, second-oldest continuously
    operated Drive-in theatre in America. The Lynn is
    open seasonally, May - September, with 2 screens
    lit-up for a choice of double features on each one.
    Audio for the movies' soundtrack is provided by FM
    local vicinity broadcast, in addition to maintaining
    traditional pole speakers for their nostalgic value.
    Admission: $5 per person; $1 for children ages 5-11.

  • Tiffin (Seneca County) Ohio
    Tiffin Drive-in:  419-447-2551
    located at 4041 North Route 53
    (10 miles north of Interstate-6)

    The screen at the Tiffin was first lit back in 1949
    and had been up for only a year when a tornado
    took it down .. which was fortunate in a sense ..
    since the screen that was then built to replace it
    is the largest Dr'in screen in the state (120'w). It's
    lit with double features, seasonally, from April
    thru early October; 7 nites in summer months;
    weekends only spring & fall. Audio: FM (88.1)
    Admission: usually $10 per carload; occasionly,
    determined by film distributors, $5 per person.

  • Toledo (Lucas County) Ohio
    see:  Oregon, Ohio

 Vandalia, Ohio

  • Vandalia (Montgomery County) Ohio
    Dixie Drive-in:  937-890-5513
    located at 6201 North Dixie Drive

    Large solo-screen Drive-in, with a capacity for
    over 800 cars, and a classic roadside marquee.
    Screens double-features, seasonally, April thru
    September (hosts a flea mkt swapmeet wknds).

  • Van Wert (Van Wert County) Ohio
    Ridgeway Drive-in:  419-238-2100
    located at 10721 Lincoln Highway
    / West Ridge Road

    With the turning of the Century - Season 2K,
    the owners are reverting to calling this D.I.
    by it's original name: The Lincoln Drive-in
    (The Lincoln Drive-in Theatre opened in 1950).

  • Wadsworth (Medina County) Ohio
    Blue Sky Drive-in:  330-334-1809
    located at 959 Broad Street

    Solo screen with a capacity for up to 450 cars,
    open seasonally, May thru September; screening
    double features.  Admission is $12 per carload.

 Warren, Ohio

  • Warren (Trumbull County) Ohio
    Elm Road Twin Drive-in:  330-372-9732
    located at 1895 Elm Road NE (Route 5)

    Elm Road has been operated for half a century
    by the same family, during which time they've
    made many improvements, transforming it into
    what is undeniably one of the best-run Drive-ins
    in the country. For the first 29 years of its life
    the Elm Road was an only child - with that one
    screen being 90' wide, but the family now has
    twins (the second screen added is 80 ft wide).
    Another BIG addition was their new concession
    hub bldg, that was rebuilt from the ground up;
    a landmark among Drive-in snackbars with its
    cleverly eclectic menu - over 60 items! and their
    frequent specials (like: $4 for a 16" pizza; only
    $1 for a foot-long hotdog). Both screens are lit
    with double features, and Friday/Saturday nites
    the 1st film is repeated as a late show. Audio is
    primarily via radio in FM stereo: 91.1 on Screen1,
    92.7 FM on Screen2, with a quantity of traditional
    Dr'in speakers maintained for the nostalgia lovers.
    Their season runs April thru October; open 7 nites
    during summer months; weekends only spring & fall.
    Admission: $6 adults; $2 for ages 5-11; under 5 free.

  • Warren (Trumbull County) Ohio
    Skyway Drive-in:  330-898-3059
    located at 1805 N. Leavitt Road NorthWest,
    off County Rte. 83 (1mi north of Rte. 422)

    Solo screen with a capacity for up to 400 cars;
    open seasonally, April - October, on weekends
    only (Fri/Sat/Sun);  screening double features.
    Admission: $5 adults; $2 ages 6-11; 5&under free.
    Flea Mkt here Saturdays and Sundays (8am-4pm).

  • Wauseon (Fulton County) Ohio
    Star Auto Theatre Drive-in:   DARK
    located at 1150 North Shoop Avenue

  • Wilmington (Clinton County) Ohio
    Wilmington Drive-in:   DARK
    located on Route 134

  • Wintersville (Jefferson County) Ohio
    Winter Drive-in:  740-266-9020
    located at 400 Luray Drive (off Route 43)

    Tri-screen venue, open seasonally; 7 nites
    during peak summer season; double features.
    Admission: Adults $5; Children $2. There is
    also a FleaMkt held here on Sundays: 8am-4pm.

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