Indiana Drive-ins

 Spencer, Indiana
CINEMA 67 DRIVE-IN THEATRE   Spencer, Indiana

More major highways intersect in the state of Indiana than in
any other state in America. Indiana also contains more miles of
Interstate Highway per-square-mile than does any other state;
and this, despite the fact that it ranks as only the 38th-largest
(believe it when you hear them call it the "Crossroads State")!

That may help explain the traditional popularity of Drive-ins
in the Hoosier State ..   back during the late 50's heyday for
America's Drive-in cinemas, there were more than 120 of them
operating within the state of Indiana. Over time, 82% of those
have gone dark or have been demolished.   Presently, Indiana is
one of America's Top 10 Drive-in states, with 23 in operation.

Marginalia: James Dean - who remains inextricably connected with
a time in America which coincided with the heyday of the Drive-ins,
(aside from the fact that Rebel Without A Cause   has become a FAV
reel at nostalgia events and special screenings on the Drive-in circuit),
was born February 8th, 1931, in the Hoosier State, at Marion, Indiana.

He made just three films during his brief but meteoric career:   Giant,
East of Eden,
and, Rebel Without a Cause.   Ironically- however, the film
we associate most with James Dean, hadn't been released yet at the time
of his death (September 30th, 1955) at age 24, in an automobile accident.


  • Bloomington (Monroe County) Indiana
    Starlite Drive-in:  812-824-8036
    located at 7630 South Old State Road 37

    Although it's sometimes referred to as being in
    the little hamlet of Harrodsburg (almost always
    neglected by mapmakers), people frequently
    report this Drive-in as being difficult to locate,
    so we make a point of listing it as Bloomington,
    and it is the nearest Drive-in for most of the
    Bloomington vicinity ... and so, easiest way
    to find this old single screener which is still
    lit-up with a double feature each nite:  take
    Route 37 - about 5 miles S. of Bloomington,
    to turn-off (right) onto West Smithville Road,
    and then left (south) onto Old Route 37 and
    straight-on another ½ mile right to the Dr'in.

  • Clermont (Marion County) Indiana
    Clermont Deluxe Outdoor Theatres: 317-291-1560
    located at 10310 East Highway 136

    Originally a solo screen, and now a two-screener,
    situated just outside of Indianapolis, opposite the
    Indianapolis Raceway. Showing double features
    and occasionally, triples, on each of its screens.

  • Crawfordsville (Montgomery County) Indiana
    Ben Hur Drive-in Theatre:  DARK
    located at 2310 Indianapolis Road

     Auburn Garrett Drive-in 
 Garrett, Indiana

  • Garrett (DeKalb County) Indiana
    Auburn Garrett Drive-in:  260-357-3474
    located at 1014 State Route 8 (4mi west of Auburn)
    (1mi n of Garrett on 327, then 1.5mi west on 8)

    Single-screen venue with a capacity for up to 400 cars
    that opened during the early years of the Drive-in boom,
    back in '51. Open seasonally, April thru September; on
    weekends only at the beginning and at the end of their
    season; open 7 nites during peak season, Memorial Day -
    Labor Day; screening double features; occasional triples.
    Audio for the movies' soundtrack is provided on FM (88.7)
    radio signal. Admission: $4.50 adults; kids under 12: free.

    photo: Justin West
     Georgetown Drive-in 
 Georgetown, Indiana 
 by Justin West

  • Georgetown (Floyd County) Indiana
    Georgetown Drive-in Theatre:  812-951-2616
    located at 8200 State Road 64

    Originally a solo screen when it opened in 1951,
    Georgetown is now a two-screener, and one of
    the few remaining Drive-ins which still maintains
    a playground for the wee folk. And for that matter,
    among other traditional elements, despite having
    upgraded the audio to stereo FM radio, there are
    still some Drive-in window speakers here for the
    nostalgically inclined. They are open seasonally -
    April thru October (fall wknds; 7 nites in summer).
    FM frequencies:   Screen1 = 95.1 / Screen2 = 91.1
    Admission:  12&up $7;  ages 5-11 $3; under 5 free.

  • Harrodsburg (Monroe County) Indiana
    see:   Bloomington

     Huntington Drive-in 
 Huntington, Indiana

  • Huntington (Huntington County) Indiana
     Click for Current Schedule Huntington Drive-in:  260-356-5445
    located at 1291 Condit Street (at local Route 24)

    One of Indiana's oldest Drive-ins, the Huntington
    has been lit-up since 1950, and has a capacity for
    up to 500 cars.  Well done:  it's not just that it's old ..
    it's the way that they tend to this Ozoner in its old age,
    with a certain reverence. Audio has been upgraded
    to FM radio (but some traditional speakers remain),
    and vintage intermission trailers are still in use.
    Open seasonally, April-Sept., on weekends only.
    Admission:  Ages 12&up $6;   ages 5-11 $2.

  • Indianapolis (Marion County) Indiana
     see also:   Clermont, Indiana

    photo: Greg Hatcher
     Tibbs Drive-in 
 Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Indianapolis (Marion County) Indiana
    Tibbs Drive-in:  317-243-6666
    located on the west side of Indianapolis,
    just north of I-70, at 480 S. Tibbs Avenue
    (2 blocks south of West Washington Street)

    This is the last outdoor picture show operating in
    Indianapolis, of the 10 which were once lit-up here;
    a venerable 4-screener ..   which is still maintaining
    traditional car window Dr'in speakers, in addition to
    providing the movies' audio via FM radio broadcast.
    Their season generally runs April - October; wknds
    only early & late in the season; 7 nites peak-season;
    while offering a choice of 4 sets of double features.
    Admission:   Monday-Thursday $7 for adults; $2 for
    the wee folk;   on Fri/Sat/Sun: $8 for adults; $3 kids.

  • Kirklin (Clinton County) Indiana
    Mel's Back-to-the-50's Drive-in:  765-325-2230
    located on State Route 39 N.  (8.5 miles north of
    Lebanon; 25 mins north of Indianapolis, up I-65).

    Open seasonally, April thru September; wknds only;
    screening double features. Admission: $12/carload.

  • Knox (Starke County) Indiana
    Melody Drive-in:  574-772-2042
    located at 7055 Highway 35 South
    (just south of Bass Lake)

    One of Indiana's oldest Drive-ins .. the Melody
    has been lit-up consecutively, seasonally, since
    1949. They have twin screens and a capacity for
    just under 500 cars; screening a pair of double
    features 7 nites during peak season; season runs
    April thru October. Audio: speakers and FM radio.
    Admission: $4.50 adults; free for ages 11 & under.

    photo: Don Lechien
     Greene County Drive-in 
 Linton, Indiana 
 by Don Lechien

  • Linton (Greene County) Indiana
    Greene County Drive-in:    DARK
    located on State Road 54 East
    * aka: Linton Drive-in Theatre

    The big screen at Indiana's Oldest  Drive-in movie theatre
    was first lit in 1948 (the original screen had been replaced
    in 1950, after a tornado had taken it out). Back when it first
    opened, audio was provided by two huge speakers, one on
    each side of the screen; until 1952, when window speakers
    were provided for every car.  It had been operated for half
    a century ('til 1998) by the same man that first lit 'er in '48.

  • Logansport (Cass County) Indiana
    Skyline Drive-in Theatre:  574-722-1039
    located at 1353 North State Road 17
    (¾ mile from Logansport)

    Single-screen venue open seasonally; weekends only
    except in mid-season; screening double features.
    Admission: $5 adults; $1.50 kids; 4 & under free.

  • Madison (Jefferson County) Indiana
    Skyline Drive-in:   DARK
    located on Rural Route 5

  • Mechanicsburg (Boone County) Indiana
    see:  Kirklin, Indiana

  • Mitchell (Lawrence County) Indiana
    Holiday Drive-in:  812-849-4992
    located on Highway 37 South

    Screening double features; only on weekends.
    Admission:  ages 12&up $5;   ages 4-11 $3.

     Lake Shore Drive-in 
 Monticello, Indiana

  • Monticello (White County) Indiana
    Lake Shore Drive-in:  574-583-0311
    located at 100 Rickey Road

    A solo screen venue with a capacity for 550 cars;
    screening double features nitely in peak season.
    Admission: $4.50 adults; under 12 admitted free.

 Moorsville, Indiana

  • Moorsville (Morgan County) Indiana
    Center Brook Drive-in Theatre:  317-831-1526
    located at 6735 Route 67 North

    There had been numerous reports that this well-
    maintained solo screen would be going 'dark' after
    Season 2K, but the reports of its demise, although
    encouraged by a disconnected phone number, were
    inaccurate. They are open.  NOTE: new phone above.
    And interestingly, as it happens, opened on Friday,
    (April) the 13th of this year ..  which was not the
    least bit unlucky, in marking its 51st consecutive
    season of operation. The Center Brook operates
    seasonally, from mid April thru October, lighting
    the screen with double features each nite. They
    also feature special events ranging from an ELVIS
    night, to hosting Dusk-to-Dawn screenings. And,
    while FM radio is used for providing the movies'
    audio, traditional speakers are maintained also,
    for the nostalgic-minded (as is an old fashioned
    playground under the big screen for the wee folk).

  • Muncie (Delaware County) Indiana
    Muncie Drive-in Theatre:   DARK
    located at 5518 West Kilgore Avenue

  • Muncie (Delaware County) Indiana
    Ski Hi Drive-in:  765-284-6411
    located at 1801 East State Road 28

    Season 2002 is this fun and popular Drive-in's 50th
    consecutive season. Their eclectic screenings run
    April thru September. They really do know how to
    put on a show here, juggling pictures between their
    2 screens, always holding a deuce; and frequently
    enough, one of the screens will host a triple feature;
    and occasionally, they'll even host a Dusk-to-Dawn.
    Admission: $5 adults; $2 for the wee folk under 12.

  • New Albany (Floyd County) Indiana
    New Albany Drive-in:  DEMOLISHED
    formerly located at 2239 State Street

  • New Castle (Henry County) Indiana
    Sky Vue Drive-in:  765-987-8630
    located at 1126 Couny Route 500 South

    Single-screen venue open seasonally, May thru September,
    screening double features on weekends only (Fri-Sat-Sun).
    For the nostalgically inclined, traditional speakers are
    still used here, but primarily, audio is FM radio signal.
    Admission: $4.50 adults; $2 for ages 5 - 12; under 5 free.

  • Noblesville (Hamilton County) Indiana
    ABC Outdoor Theatre:  GONE!
    formerly located at Jct of Routes 37 & 32
    (in its present incarnation it's a tool rental business)

  • Osgood (Ripley County) Indiana
    Bel Air Drive-in:  812-689-5525
    located at 337 North Route 421
    (between Versailles & Osgood)

    The Bel-Air originally opened at the height of America's
    Drive-in boom, back in '57 ..  but was dark from 1987
    to 1996, at which point it was revived and reopened
    by the current operators.  Meanwhile, the winds of
    change are blowing again .. the Bel-Air was to go dark
    again when last season ended (Sun., Sept. 24th, 2K);
    last year's operators intending to relocate to another
    venue with plans to open a 3-screen Drive-in this year ..

    Flash FWD: the screen remains lit with Double Features
    (under new management); the audio is: FM (105.5) radio.
    Admission:  $5 ages 12&up; $2 ages 5-11; under 5 free.

  • Paoli (Orange County) Indiana
    Paoli Drive-in:  DARK
    located on Highway 150 East

  • Plymouth (Marshall County) Indiana
    Tri Way Drive-in:  574-936-7936
    located at 4400 N. Michigan Road (Route 31)
    (5 miles north of Plymouth; 2mi east of Route 6)

    Season 2003 is the 51st consecutive season for the old
    Tri Way, which opened-up as a single screen venue
    in the early years of America's Drive-in boom, and
    now hosts three screens. Their season runs April thru
    September, and each of their screens is lit-up with
    double features every nite .. except on those summer
    bookends-- Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend,
    when they run their annual Dusk-to-Dawn picture shows.

  • Rockport (Spencer County) Indiana
    Holiday Drive-in:  812-649-2857
    located on Route 231 (at junction of 66)

    Indiana's largest drive-in has a capacity for up to
    a thousand cars and provides 5 screens that are lit
    with a double bill of first-run films on each of them.
    Their season runs May thru September, and they're
    open every nite of the week during peak season.
    Admission: $6 adults; $2 for kids of ages 4- 11.

  • Salem (Washington County) Indiana
    Salem Drive-in:    DARK
    located on Highway 56 West

  • Shelbyville (Shelby County) Indiana
    Skyline Drive-in:  317-398-6150
    located at 3986 East Michigan Road
    (take 119 Exit off of Route 74)

    Screening single features during the week, with a
    'bonus' film second feature added on the weekends.
    Audio for the movies' soundtrack is via radio only.
    Admission: $5 adults; $1 for kids of ages 2 thru 11.

     Cinema 67 Drive-in 
 Spencer, Indiana

  • Spencer (Owen County) Indiana
    Cinema 67 Drive-in Theatre:  812-879-4240
    located at intersection of Routes 231 & 67N
    (situated 5 miles north of Spencer)

    This well-maintained Dr'in has seen 45 consecutive seasons
    and has been under the same ownership for the last thirty.
    It's 65' wide screen is lit up with double features each nite,
    April thru October; on weekends only early and late in their
    season; 7 nites a week between Memorial Day & Labor Day.
    Audio for the movies' soundtrack is provided with traditional
    drive-in speakers (in the first 7 rows) as a nostalgic nuance,
    in addition to both AM and FM local vicinity radio broadcasts.
    This a very popular drive-in, particularly on the weekends and
    even more so when school's out. While it's important to get here
    early, it's even more important to get here hungry --  the 67 has
    easily the best concession stand in the state; cleverly extensive
    and eclectic menu is backed-up by a restaurant calibre kitchen.
    Admission: $5 adults; $2 for ages 5-11; under age 5 admitted free.

  • Valparaiso (Porter County) Indiana
    49'er Drive-in Theatre:  219-462-6122
    located on North State Road 49 - Calumet Avenue
    (situated 5 miles north of Valparaiso)

    As an 'open' reply to the abundance of mail that we have
    received from people who had heard that the 49er was
    being put-up for sale, asking for an update on its status
    and expressing concern for its future, we're pleased to
    report that while it has in fact been sold, the new owners
    are inclined to preserve the presence of the past .. and
    it continues to operate as a Drive-in (which will continue
    a nocturnal tradition that was begun here back in 1956).
    Their season runs from April thru September, and the
    screen is lit-up with a double feature 7 nites a week
    during peak season. Admission: $6 per person (12 +)
    and children of ages 11 and under are admitted free.

  • Versailles (Ripley County) Indiana
      Bel-Air Drive-in:   812-689-5525
    * see listing under  Osgood, Indiana

  • Wabash (Wabash County) Indiana
    13/24 Drive-in:  219-563-5745
    located at 890 North Road 13 (north of Rte.24)

    Indiana's largest single-screen venue opened during
    the early years of America's Drive-in boom, in 1950 ..
    about 50 miles west of Fort Wayne, and 60 miles north
    of Indianapolis, with a capacity for 700 cars. They're
    open seasonally, April thru November; running 7 nites
    during peak season (June-July-August); open only on
    weekends early and late in their season. They screen
    double features each nite, with a couple of dusk-to-
    dawn shows slated each year. Lots of interesting and
    nostalgic flourishes .. ranging from the presence of
    traditional Dr'in speakers for all 700 parking spaces, to
    Drive-in memorabilia on display, and the retro decor of
    the concession area (which has a working 40's vintage
    popcorn popper), where they earn their reputation for
    big burgers and suped-up sandwiches. The audio for the
    movies soundtrack is also provided by FM (88.9) radio.
    Admission: $5 adults; $2 ages 3-11; free under age 3.

  • Warsaw (Kosciusko County) Indiana
    Warsaw Drive-in:   GONE!
    formerly located at 1888 West Lake Street

    *   If you find yourself visiting or moving to one of
    the 51 sub-division lots for condos and homesites
    on West Lake Street, and suddenly feel a sensation
    of Deja Vu   come over you ..   well,   perhaps you were
    here before ..  back when it was a Drive-in, with a capacity
    for over 400 cars, beneath a solo screen that had been lit
    since the 50's heyday of America's outdoor picture shows.

  • Winchester (Randolph County) Indiana
    Airline Drive-in:  317-584-2545
    2870 East Route 32 (3mi east of Winchester)

    Single screen venue open seasonally, April thru October:
    7 nites a week during peak season; weekends only during
    spring and fall; screening double features nitely. The audio
    for the movies' soundtrack is provided in FM (104.5) stereo.
    Admission: $5 adults; under 12 free.  TUES: $5 per carload.

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