! The Promised Land Review

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The Promised Land Review

by Released : 2024-02-09

Vigo Morteson stars in one of 2023 most underrated films. Morteson plays 18th-century war hero Ludvig Kahlen who after retiring from 25 years of military service with a modest pension seeks to cultivate land in the danish countryside that has been baron. In doing so he makes a deal with the government that will give him a royal title if he is able to accomplish a seemingly impossible task. 

Standing in his way is De Schinkel a crazed nearby property owner who feels this land belongs to him and is afraid of what Kahlen's potential success could mean for his status and wealth in the area. 

The film has fantastic performances, a truly epic yet heartwarming and sentimental story. A fantastic use of a small budget with great direction, and writing and overall is a very good film that I’d highly recommend.