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Inside Out 2 Film Review

by Released : 2024-06-15

         Inside Out 2 is directed by first-time director Kelsey Mann and stars Amy Poehler as Joy and Maya Hawke as Anxiety. The first film in Pixar's hottest new franchise (Inside Out 2 had the second-highest animated opening ever) saw 11-year-old Riley struggle with a movie to San Francisco from Minnesota and focusing on the emotions in her head each personified with different characters of Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust and Fear. The second film takes on puberty and a now 13-year-old Riley grapples with new emotions such as anxiety, embarrassment, and envy.  

      Like the best Pixar films Inside Out 2 has depth, heart, comedy, and emotion all blended into an entertaining and brisk 90 minutes with fantastic animation. The premise of the film is so perfect for continuing the story with Riley or other characters and I look forward to more films in the franchise as they continue to expand on a captivating premise. Its a great family film to see at a Drive-In near you.