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The Fall Guy Review

by Released : 2024-05-02

The Fall Guy is the latest action-comedy from director David Leitch and stars Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Hannah Waddingham. The film is based on the 1980s TV show of the same name starring Lee Majors.  It follows stuntman Colt Seavers (Gosling) who is tasked with finding A-List action star Tom Ryder (Taylor-Johnson) who has gome missing from the set of his latest film, Metalstorm, directed by Blunt's character who also happens to be Seavers ex-girlfriend.  

The film is one of the most original action films I've seen in years which comes as no surprise considering the director Leitch previous work in directing hits like John Wick, Deadpool 2, and Bullet Train. The negatives of the film are few, the pacing in the first act and the lack of screen time for Taylor-Johnson come to mind. 

As for the positives the action scenes and stunt work were fantastic fitting for a film about a stuntman and directed by a former stuntman in Leitch. The chemistry between Gosling and Blunt made the relationship seem believable unlike many put to screen nowadays. Overall it was the best action film of the year and a must-watch at a drive-in near you to kick off the summer movie season.