Rhode Island

 Drive-ins of Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island hosted one of the
first ten Drive-in theatres to be built in America:
The Providence Drive-in, which opened in July of 1937.

During the heydey of the outdoor cinema, there were
as many as 15 Drive-ins operating in the smallest
of the American states. Presently, only 1 remains:

North Smithfield (Providence County) Rhode Island
Rustic Tri-View Drive-in Theatre:  401-769-7601
located on Route 146 - Eddie Dowling Highway,
(midway between Providence & Woonsocket).

Originally, a solo screen when it opened back in 1951.
Two more screens were added in 1988 after the Drive-in
was acquired by a new owner who also introduced AM & FM
radio broadcasting of the movie audio. Open seasonally,
April thru September, with a capacity for over 500 cars.

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