The Drive-in Movie Theatres of Nova Scotia  

  • Bridgewater (Nova Scotia) Canada
    Skyvue Drive-in:    DARK

  • Cambridge Station (Nova Scotia) Canada
    Valley Drive-in:   902-538-0772
    located on Highway 1, adjacent to municipal airport

    Originally one of Canada's oldest solo screens,
    the Valley had gone dark when it's lease was
    not renewed. In an interesting turn of events,
    it was the local Lions Club that came to the
    rescue, and succeeded in obtaining a new
    lease on life for the venerable Drive-in. Since
    their re-lighting of the Valley, the Lions definitely
    roar .. with continuing support from appreciative
    and supportive audiences. The Valley is open on
    weekends, seasonally, from mid-May thru the end
    of September. The screen is lit with double features.
    Admission:   $15 per carload (covers all passengers).

    Meanwhile, an initial loan which the Lions bravely
    took-on to finance relighting what had become the
    Valley of shadows, has been repaid with proceeds
    from their very 1st season ..   with money to spare,
    which was donated to local schools.   In what it is
    to be hoped may serve as a practical model for the
    preservation of other Drive-ins gone dark, the Lions'
    pride continues to dedicate profits from operating
    the revived Valley Drive-in to benefit the community.

  • Coldbrook (Nova Scotia) Canada
    Valley Drive-in Theatre:    DARK

  • Halifax (Nova Scotia) Canada
    Bay Road Drive-in Theatre:    DARK

  • Halifax (Nova Scotia) Canada
    Triple Drive-in Theatre:    DARK

  • Kingston (Nova Scotia) Canada
    Midway Drive-in    DARK

    The Midway opened in 1955 in the midst of
    Canada's Drive-in boom, with a capacity for
    nearly 800 cars. Its solo screen remained
    lit for 3 decades, before going dark in '86.

  • New Germany (Nova Scotia) Canada
    Birch Pond Drive-in    DARK

  • New Glasgow (Nova Scotia) Canada
    see:  Westville, NS

    photo: Society for the
    Preservation of Outdoor Theatres

    photo: Society for the
    Preservation of Outdoor Theatres

  • Sackville (Nova Scotia) Canada
    Sackville Drive-in Theatre:    GONE

    Formerly located adjacent to Sackville Downs,
    the Drive-in was torn-down and is presently
    the site of the SuperStore Mall. And, the old
    racetrack across the way met a similar fate,
    becoming the site of yet another Wal-Mart.

  • Sydney (Nova Scotia) Canada
    Cape Breton Drive-in:   902-539-9922
    located on Grand Lake Road

    Solo screen venue with a capacity for
    up to 300 cars; open seasonally - May
    thru October. Movie audio provided with
    local AM & FM radio broadcast. An all-nite
    Dusk-to-Dawn special screening event is
    hosted here each year - the 2nd weekend
    in October (coinciding with Thanksgiving).

  • Westville (Nova Scotia) Canada
    Empire Drive-in:   902-396-3339 / 396-5175
    located on Westville Highway
    (between Westville & New Glasgow)

    One of the few classic Drive-ins that remain
    in operation in Nova Scotia, and which also
    is still maintaining the traditional playground
    for occupying the children prior to showtime.
    Open seasonally, from May thru September;
    screening double-features for 1 admission;
    with triple-features occasionally on Fr/Sat.
    Admission: $12/car (covers all passengers).

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